Friday, August 3, 2012

favorite things friday: hoop art!

Colorful thread, beautiful fabric, lace, felt, inspiring words...all framed in a wooden circle. 

I have a new obsession and it's....embroidery! Hoop art, hoopty-doo, whatever you want to call it...I've enjoyed the therapeutic nature of it and love that every piece is a little bit imperfect, but still unique and beautiful. I have a ton of fabric and a TON of embroidery hoops that I'm trying to de-stash. This has been such a fun new project to try out. 

I will be selling some of these beauties at Firefly in September! 
Here are a few I've made in the past few week, that you've probably seen if you follow my instagram feed ((which you totally should!)) 


What are some of your favorite shops that sell hoop art? Share below :)

 My current favorite that sparks inspiration is Take the Cannoli! If you're wanting to try your hand at embroidery, the blog Wild Olive has a lot of great tips & tutorial!



  1. I love these so much! This will be my next project! Thanks for being awesome. You're adorable and so talented! :)

  2. I love hoop art because it can be so varied. Last year I participated in a hoop art swap and it was one of the best swaps I've done to date. Loving yours too! :)Have a wonderful weekend.

  3. Love your hoops!! I just bought several hoops yesterday, i'm going to be doing some on my bedroom wall! Natalie from Take and Cannoli is the sweetest! I just ordered one from her not to long ago :) So pretty!! Happy weekend to you! xo Holly

  4. I love your hoopty-doos! Do your creative juices ever stop flowing, friend? You inspire me.

    1. i love YOUR hoopty-doos. how d'ya like them apples, linds?

  5. I love take the canoli. not only amazing hoops but an amazing gal too!

  6. These are beautiful, and the colors are heavenly!

  7. Beautiful hoop art! I'm lovin' all the color combos.


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