Monday, September 24, 2012

handmade monday: fall diy round-up

Ohhhhhh, y'all. Fall is in FULL swing up in here. Candy corn is in a vintage orange pyrex bowl on the dinner table, I'm busting my pumpkins out this week, pumpkin marshmallow s'mores are on the agenda for the week, and I keep finding myself wearing autumnal shades. 

This week for Handmade Monday, I just wanted to share my favorite Autumn-inspired DIY projects & recipes for you to be inspired by!
((I made a few of these a couple of years ago and loooove them!))

((I want to make this in a cozy flannel to double as a hood/scarf!))

Do you have a fun Fall/Autumn themed project that you've shared on your blog? Share the link below! 



  1. Add some peanuts to that bowl of candy corn. DE-LISH!

  2. ooh, fun! pinning quite a few of these to try out. ;)

  3. Love them all! The pumpkins are just adorable! I shared my fall mantel here:

  4. I made pumpkin bread with chocolate chips! It is seriously THE BEST PUMPKIN BREAD you will ever taste in your life!

  5. Anything with pumpkin during fall is delicious! Thanks for sharing these links I'm going to have to try that pumpkin cream cheese spread.

    My blog:

  6. Love these all! I made the fabric pumpkins last year, and they are quite addicting!! I even started making some more!! xo Heather

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