Friday, September 7, 2012

farewell, summer.

We've had some crisp mornings and the leaves are definitely starting to turn around here. The pool is closed and sweaters are adorning the walls of most retail stores. This weekend is supposed to be all kinds of sunny &  70 degree perfection.  It's still toasty in the afternoons, but I can't help but be * so * excited for Fall. Here are some things we're saying farewell to around here in exchange for lovely moments that a new season brings.

Farewell: Suntanned shoulders & sun bleached hair
Hello: Fading tan and new hairstyles to try so my scarves don't give me dread locks ;)

Farewell: Afternoons spent at the pool, hearing kids play Marco Polo while I read Real Simple magazine
Hello: Crisp mornings sipping warm coffee on our bedroom balcony, all wrapped up in a blanket

Farewell: Margaritas, seasonal summer ales, and summery cocktails 
Hello: Cinnamon spiced beverages, hot chocolate, dutch caramel apple martinis for guests

Farewell: Outdoor late night cookouts with friends
Hello: Crockpot stews, chili, and hearty soups that simmer all day and fill our place up with the most scrumptious scents

Farewell: Tank tops, sandals,  and cut off shorts
Hello: Cozy cardigans, comfy sweaters, scarves, boots, and slouchy beanies

Farewell: Long, sunshine-y days
Hello: Earlier suppers & chilly nights

Farewell: Lush grass and green trees
Hello: Changing leaves and autumnal hues

Farewell: Bike ride commuting
Hello: Pumpkin patch tractor rides, pretending we're kids. 

Farewell: Summer olympics
Hello: College football

Farewell:  Peonies, sunflowers, lilies, and hydrangeas

Hello: Pumpkins & pinecones

Farewell:  Iced coffee and ice cream
Hello: pumpkin spice lattes and homemade pies

Farewell, Summer. I thoroughly enjoyed you. 
Hello there, Autumn. I'm looking forward to what you have up your sleeve. Just no early snow okay?



  1. I'll miss this summer so much. It really was a great one.

    But fall is my favorite season! I can't wait to layer up!

  2. I love the fall! I already had a homemade pumpkin spice coffee this morning!! Happy weekend to you! xo Heather

  3. so looking forward to all the fall-esque foods/drinks you mentioned here!! yay pumpkin!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  4. Fall is just the greatest. I can't wait!!

  5. This list gave me chills–horray for fall!

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