Wednesday, September 26, 2012

now's your chance for FALL & HOLIDAY ADVERTISING

I can hardly believe that Fall is here & even though you might want to hear it yet, the Holidays are right around the corner. It's no surprise that a 3 month LARGE advertisement  is the most bang for your buck because not only do you get an ad spot and lots of exposure, but spots are limited and rotate frequently. You also receive an individual sponsor highlight and giveaway post at some point throughout your ad. 

When signing up for 3 month ad partnership, large or small, with Oh, Sweet Joy! starting in October, you will receive prime Holiday advertising and exposure. 

Your ad will run through an exciting announcement, a fun photoshoot, the annual 
OH, SWEET JOY HOLIDAY GIFT GUIDE, lots of DIY goodness, and great recipes that are on the agenda. Most importantly, it will run October - November - December, which will ensure Holiday shoppers. Handmade shops and small businesses, NOW is the time to jump on Holiday advertising to be on shoppers' radars from the get-go

Don't miss out! 

** SPECIAL: Sign up for a 3 month partnership (large or small) and receive the entire month of January for FREE. Seriously, MY TREAT. January is tough for retail and handmade businesses, alike. Let's keep the ball rolling and have your shops at the top of Oh, Sweet Joy! readers' lists for where to spend their Christmas cash ;) **

Email me ((ohsweetjoyATgmailDOTcom)) for a current info sheet with rates & to sign up. 
Are you ready? Let's grow your business and/or blog this Fall & Holiday season!! 



  1. Hey lady, I emailed you like a week ago about your rates and still haven't heard back. I'm definitely interested though!

  2. I just emailed you! I would love to be a sponsor :)


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