Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I really don't enjoy Halloween. I think it's weird, creepy and just a reason for kids to overdose on sugar. Look at me, I'm already a crotchety old lady! My kids are doomed. 

My parents were responsible for some pretty baller costumes when we were little, though. 

Be safe, y'all! Happy candy hoarding. 

Monday, October 29, 2012

holidays on my mind

The Handmade Holidays Gift Guide is literally taking over my life right now. You don't even want to know how many emails I've sent in the past week! However, I'm so so so excited to share these amazingly talented shops & gorgeous boutiques with you. 

In the meantime, I LOVE thanksgiving and don't like just skipping over it, straight to here is some inspiration for the Thanksgiving dinner/lunch we'll be having at our house. 

How fun is this idea of using kraft paper as a table cloth and drawing fun placemat designs?

I'll definitely be hanging some "give thanks" banners. These are free to print from the TomKat Studio blog!

I have lots of frapuccino bottles left over from the Milk & Cookies shower. It will be great to get another use out of them! I'll use them for cider & put in autumnal colored straws.

Finally, I'll be using up some cans I have, filling them with burgundy and rust flowers, and wrapping them up in fabric. Simple & oh, so cute table centerpieces!
Source: via Kim on Pinterest


Friday, October 26, 2012

bring it, november sponsors!

One of the biggest blessings in running this blog is helping small businesses, handmade shops, and likeminded blogs grow and pursue their dreams. It's a win-win, really because in turn...I get to offer you guys original content for free. I think of my blog like a magazine from time to time...except you don't have to go to your nearest Target to buy a copy. You get to sit in your PJ's and read what's going on over here in Oh, Sweet Joy! land. You get my recipes, fashion inspiration, my tutorials, a peek into my life, and free stuff! It's hard work, but I truly enjoy (almost *wink*) every second of it. 

I couldn't do this without my sponsors. 

They are incredibly talented, inspiring, and endlessly supportive. I try to give that right back to them. It's truly a community in my eyes. Would you like to join this community by sponsoring Oh, Sweet Joy! in November? November and December are my largest months, traffic-wise and if you're a shop, your investment will be returned more in the coming weeks & months than any other time of the year.  I'd LOVE to have your ad on the sidebar so we can grow together!

E-mail me at ohsweetjoyATgmailDOTcom for pricing, stats, and availability information.
I look forward to working with you!


Thursday, October 25, 2012

sponsor highlight + giveaway ((very jane deals))

Three things that are near and dear to my heart: bubble necklaces & discounts/sales & supporting small businesses. Today's giveaway encompasses all three. Very Jane is a site that I frequent daily. It's free to sign up and I *love* seeing all the goodies that go through there on the CHEAP every day. 

VeryJane is like Groupon/Living Social for boutique goodies. Each day they have new deals and you can get them delivered right to your inbox! The site was founded in 2011 and already has a very active and fun community. You can stay up to date on new deals via email, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram!

Today, Very Jane is offering TWO Oh, Sweet Joy! readers a bubble necklace. You stinking lucky ducks.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

((outfit schmoutfit)) layered up for cool weather

Sometimes outfits in your head work. Then you put the pieces on and said outfits don't really work but you've already put in a lot of effort to change out of your pj pants/tank top, put on some layers and even shoes(!), and walked downstairs to take a look-see in the full length mirror. It's at that point you realize you've just gotta go with it because it fits (for the moment), it's comfortable, and dadgummit you WANT to wear this scarf!

Then you pray that the photoshop-action-gods can make the colors look like they somewhat work together ((I'm looking at you, light grey, cream, brown and dark grey with a hint of brown)). Just kidding. I don't pray to photoshop-action-gods. 

Slouchy Beanie: Yes Jess on Etsy
Scarf: c/o Eclectic Joy
Asymmetrical Pocket Tee: Anthropologie
Crochet // Lace Tank: Anthropologie 
Oxford Wedges: Kohl's  

Happy Wednesday, y'all. Hope it's chilly where you are so you can bundle up :)


Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2nd Annual Handmade Holidays Gift Guide ((call for applicants))

It's that time of year again, folks! One of my biggest joys running this blog is featuring handmade shops that work so hard to create amazing goods. Along those same lines, it's great for me to share these shops with people/readers not necessarily within this "handmade/blogging bubble" to find wonderfully unique gifts for their loved ones. The 
Oh, Sweet Joy Handmade Holidays Gift Guide is the perfection solution to help me do both!

 Handmade shops, Homemade Bakers and the like, & Online Boutiques - you WON'T want to miss your chance to be a part of the second annual 
Handmade Holidays Gift Guide!

Here's how it works:
This year it will be EIGHT straight days (think of it as a baller handmade PARTY!) of featured shops in the following categories:
For the Littles (baby + children)
Jewelry (largest category!)
Needle & Thread (sewn goods)
Cozy up the Home (home decor, housewares, etc)
Delish Delights (edibles & sweets) 
Paper (stationery & frameable prints)
Accessorize (hats, scarves, headbands, knitted/crocheted items)
Wear (exclusive to online boutiques)

After that? We will have a GIANT giveaway. Weeee!!

The fee for each participating shop will be $25 and will come with more than just a spot in the gift guide (details upon acceptance). Shops will also be asked to supply a discount code for the"Handmade Holiday" Gift Guide readers. 

This is SUCH a great way to drive extra traffic to your shop during peak shopping months. You will be exposing your shop to not only my faithful readers, but also to every other participating shops' "fans" as they tell their customers about "Handmade Holidays!"

Want to be included in the fun? Email me  (ohsweetjoyATgmailDOTcom) to "enter" your shop or boutique.
You will be emailed upon acceptance into the "Handmade Holidays" Gift Guide.
(I wish I could accept everyone, there's just not time for that. womp womp) 
There are limited spots available in each category, so please email me pronto to apply. Not everyone will be chosen, unfortunately, but my goal is to help promote as many shops as possible, which is why there are two more categories AND more spots than last year in TWO of the categories.  

I'm more than excited to highlight and feature so many talented shops...and help you get your Christmas shopping done early!

((go ahead and press play to N*sync's Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays))


NOTE: this is not a giveaway, but simply a gift guide in the form of a highlight and feature. The giveaway is optional for participants. 

Monday, October 22, 2012

((handmade monday)) GUEST POST gingham placemats sewing tutorial

Hey y'all! I've been wanting to make my own placemats ever since we got a new dining room table. My new friend, Cheryl, is here to teach a great little sewing tutorial for you!


Hi Oh, Sweet Joy readers! I'm Cheryl and I blog over at a pretty cool life. I write about a little bit of everything...sewing, crafts, DIY, my 3 littles...and I take a boatload of pictures to go with it.

Today I'm sharing how to sew up some simple placemats in a rainbow of gingham that will instantly make your table a little brighter...and maybe even make your dinner taste a little better. :) 

Okay?  Here we go!

Bright, cheery gingham.  Love it!

Here's how you can make a some of your own.
For each placemat, you'll need:
2 pieces of fabric, 15.5" x 20.5" each
1 piece of fusible batting or fleece, 15.5" x 20.5"

Iron your batting to the wrong side of one of your pieces of fabric.

Pin the batting/fabric piece to the other fabric piece, right sides of fabric together.

Sew, leaving a 4-5 inch gap for turning.

Snip corners, being careful not to cut into the line of stitching.

Turn right side out and gently poke out corners with a knitting needle. 

Press, making sure to fold in the fabric from the gap you left for turning.

Topstitch around entire edge. 

I've found it's easiest to topstitch when I increase my stitch length.  (A walking foot makes it easier, too, but mine's still in the package.)

Line up your presser foot with the first line of top stitching and topstitch around the edge again.

That's it! And if you still have some time left over, go ahead and make some napkins for yourself, too!


Friday, October 19, 2012

favorite & not-so-favorite things friday

favorite: When an adorable celebrity wears something that makes you take a double take -- in this particular instance it was a headband that, for a second, I legitimately thought that somehow ol' T-swift had gotten a hold of a Fayette Headband without me knowing! She rocks this style so well & effortlessly. You can too!

not-so-favorite: When you find out where that headband actually came from. A well-known online boutique - where I had actually have previously entered my beloved Fayette headbands into a contest -now sells an almost identical headband to the Fayette. I didn't win the contest I mentioned, but I guess they liked it enough to get some made in China. 

I'm choosing to give them benefit of the doubt. Maybe it was an innocent mistake, which is why I don't want to make a HUGE fuss over it ((yes, I did mention it on twitter & Facebook. i'm a social media addict, after all)) but I AM hoping that my readers, loyal customers, and fellow handmade advocates will help make it right.

Support Handmade. Buy the Original Fayette, 
((which is actually less expensive, comes in exclusive vintage fabrics, and is NOT imported from China. win-win))

Use the code SAVEFAYETTE ((oh yes. that's very dramatic)) for 10% off your original Fayette through Sunday night at midnight. Thanks for having my back, y'all!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sponsor Highlight + Giveaway: One Little Minute

I am SO excited to have a special little highlight and giveaway that features one of my favorite bloggers, one of the most creative maternity products I've seen thus far, and just a special giveaway for my fellow expecting mommies. 

Miranda writes the One Little Minute blog, a lifestyle blog that encompasses all things handmade, DIY, family, faith and motherhood. She's also the creator of the Maternity Countdown Tee, which I'm so bummed I forgot to bring to Texas with me!!!
Meet Miranda:
I began writing on One Little Minute (then daveandmiranda.blogspot) way back in 2007 as a way to share my life as a newlywed with friends and family across the country. I posted my very first post from my laptop on Starbucks WiFi in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Dave and I were working for the summer. It was the beginning of a conversation with myself, that would grow, change, last far longer and mean far more to me than I could have imagined. Over the past five years, I have used One Little Minute as a creative journal of my adventures in family, travel and projects. I also find make the “little minutes” to do, well…a lot of other things that I love. I’m happy to share pieces of this life and these loves with you.

Miranda is giving away one Maternity Countdown Tee (valued at $50 including shipping!) to a lucky winner!

Readers can use the code OHSWEET15 for 15% off though the 31st of October. 

facebook // pinterest // twitter // blog // instagram: @livefreemiranda


Wednesday, October 17, 2012

((outfit schmoutfit)) fall color-blocking

**have you entered the Blogiversary giveaway yet? Don't miss out on your chance to win some of my favorite things including an Anthropologie Gift Card, a Starbucks gift card, my favorite candy, a statement necklace, and some Oh, Sweet Joy handmade goodies! Click here to enter or simply scroll down**

The weather has been perfect in Texas this week. Anytime you can wear long sleeves in the Lone Star State, it's a good day ;) We didn't bring a camera with us, so enjoy these iphone photos for your outfit viewing pleasure. 

Necklace - Handmade
Boots - Target

Have a great Wednesday, y'all!

I'm linking up with Lindsey today :)

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

((blogiversary giveaway!))

WE ARE GOING TO THE STATE FAIR TODAY! I can't tell you how excited I am about Big Tex, Corn Dog(s), and Cotton Candy. 

I'm also SO excited about today's giveaway. My 3 year blogiversary giveaway was this past Saturday! I wanted to celebrate by offering my loyal readers a chance to win a few of my favorite things.

To enter  this giveaway you  MUST BE A FOLLOWER via one of the following:
 GFC, RSS, bloglovin', etc. This is an opportunity for me to show my gratitude to my loyal readers over the years...not a free-for-all for people wanting free stuff. 
Sorry to be so mean about it ;)

One lucky winner will be sent a gift package including:
 $25 Anthropologie Gift Card
A $10 Starbucks Gift Card
An exclusive Oh, Sweet Joy! coffee cuff design
Some of favorite candy
This orange & coral statement necklace from ROMWE

& an Oh, Sweet Joy! original Fayette Headband

Thank you all so much for being a part of this little space over the years. I appreciate you more than you know! YOU CAN ALSO USE THE CODE "CELEBRATE" IN THE SHOP FOR 20% OFF YOUR ENTIRE PURCHASE - THIS ENDS TONIGHT AT MIDNIGHT!


Monday, October 15, 2012

((handmade monday)) upcycle jars into modern vases

Hi, I'm Michelle from Twig. My husband and I run a creative boutique where we sell handmade wooden products as well as specialize in brand design and new product development. I'm happy to be here today to share a favorite "nap time" project. I've been a long time follower of Kim and her talents and couldn't be happier to see that soon she'll be making to-do lists for her little one's nap time as well!

I don't know about you but I can't seem to throw out everyday glass jars and before I know it, a collection of them have gathered dust. Spray paint being one of my best friends, I decided to pull out my classic gold and a few jars and actually put them to good use.

Supplies Needed:
Glass Jars or Vases
Spray Paint [color of your choice]
Painters Tape
Round Foam Brush

Simply tape the pattern desired on each jar and spray in the uncovered areas. One reason I like gold spray paint is because it adheres well; no need for more than one coat of paint. For the polka dot jar, I sprayed the paint onto my painting wheel and dabbed the round brush into the paint, quickly then pushing it onto the jar.

Put a few succulents, desk utensils, treats, or your collection of buttons in each jar and you've got a 15 minute solution to all your organizational + decorative needs!


Thanks to Michelle for sharing this fun project with my beloved readers while I'm in Texas! I for sure have a ton of jars & vases I can transform with this great DIY. Make sure you guys check out the Twig blog & shop...that husband & wife duo is just so dang inspiring! Have a great week, you guys....I mean, Y'ALL. :)