Wednesday, October 24, 2012

((outfit schmoutfit)) layered up for cool weather

Sometimes outfits in your head work. Then you put the pieces on and said outfits don't really work but you've already put in a lot of effort to change out of your pj pants/tank top, put on some layers and even shoes(!), and walked downstairs to take a look-see in the full length mirror. It's at that point you realize you've just gotta go with it because it fits (for the moment), it's comfortable, and dadgummit you WANT to wear this scarf!

Then you pray that the photoshop-action-gods can make the colors look like they somewhat work together ((I'm looking at you, light grey, cream, brown and dark grey with a hint of brown)). Just kidding. I don't pray to photoshop-action-gods. 

Slouchy Beanie: Yes Jess on Etsy
Scarf: c/o Eclectic Joy
Asymmetrical Pocket Tee: Anthropologie
Crochet // Lace Tank: Anthropologie 
Oxford Wedges: Kohl's  

Happy Wednesday, y'all. Hope it's chilly where you are so you can bundle up :)