Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2nd Annual Handmade Holidays Gift Guide ((call for applicants))

It's that time of year again, folks! One of my biggest joys running this blog is featuring handmade shops that work so hard to create amazing goods. Along those same lines, it's great for me to share these shops with people/readers not necessarily within this "handmade/blogging bubble" to find wonderfully unique gifts for their loved ones. The 
Oh, Sweet Joy Handmade Holidays Gift Guide is the perfection solution to help me do both!

 Handmade shops, Homemade Bakers and the like, & Online Boutiques - you WON'T want to miss your chance to be a part of the second annual 
Handmade Holidays Gift Guide!

Here's how it works:
This year it will be EIGHT straight days (think of it as a baller handmade PARTY!) of featured shops in the following categories:
For the Littles (baby + children)
Jewelry (largest category!)
Needle & Thread (sewn goods)
Cozy up the Home (home decor, housewares, etc)
Delish Delights (edibles & sweets) 
Paper (stationery & frameable prints)
Accessorize (hats, scarves, headbands, knitted/crocheted items)
Wear (exclusive to online boutiques)

After that? We will have a GIANT giveaway. Weeee!!

The fee for each participating shop will be $25 and will come with more than just a spot in the gift guide (details upon acceptance). Shops will also be asked to supply a discount code for the"Handmade Holiday" Gift Guide readers. 

This is SUCH a great way to drive extra traffic to your shop during peak shopping months. You will be exposing your shop to not only my faithful readers, but also to every other participating shops' "fans" as they tell their customers about "Handmade Holidays!"

Want to be included in the fun? Email me  (ohsweetjoyATgmailDOTcom) to "enter" your shop or boutique.
You will be emailed upon acceptance into the "Handmade Holidays" Gift Guide.
(I wish I could accept everyone, there's just not time for that. womp womp) 
There are limited spots available in each category, so please email me pronto to apply. Not everyone will be chosen, unfortunately, but my goal is to help promote as many shops as possible, which is why there are two more categories AND more spots than last year in TWO of the categories.  

I'm more than excited to highlight and feature so many talented shops...and help you get your Christmas shopping done early!

((go ahead and press play to N*sync's Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays))


NOTE: this is not a giveaway, but simply a gift guide in the form of a highlight and feature. The giveaway is optional for participants. 


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