Thursday, October 18, 2012

Sponsor Highlight + Giveaway: One Little Minute

I am SO excited to have a special little highlight and giveaway that features one of my favorite bloggers, one of the most creative maternity products I've seen thus far, and just a special giveaway for my fellow expecting mommies. 

Miranda writes the One Little Minute blog, a lifestyle blog that encompasses all things handmade, DIY, family, faith and motherhood. She's also the creator of the Maternity Countdown Tee, which I'm so bummed I forgot to bring to Texas with me!!!
Meet Miranda:
I began writing on One Little Minute (then daveandmiranda.blogspot) way back in 2007 as a way to share my life as a newlywed with friends and family across the country. I posted my very first post from my laptop on Starbucks WiFi in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico, where Dave and I were working for the summer. It was the beginning of a conversation with myself, that would grow, change, last far longer and mean far more to me than I could have imagined. Over the past five years, I have used One Little Minute as a creative journal of my adventures in family, travel and projects. I also find make the “little minutes” to do, well…a lot of other things that I love. I’m happy to share pieces of this life and these loves with you.

Miranda is giving away one Maternity Countdown Tee (valued at $50 including shipping!) to a lucky winner!

Readers can use the code OHSWEET15 for 15% off though the 31st of October. 

facebook // pinterest // twitter // blog // instagram: @livefreemiranda



  1. I love her blog and this countdown tee would be perfect for me next year (hopefully!)!

  2. Such a cute t-shirt! So creative :-)

  3. Commented!

  4. I commented on the Shirley Temple Costume post!

  5. I left a comment on her shirly temple costume post.

  6. I loved her blog and left her a comment! Love the tee!

  7. Thanks so much sweet Kim! I can't wait to see you in your Tee. Have a great time in Texas dear!

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  9. I commented on the Shirley Temple Costume post!

  10. super cute! this would be fun for our next baby! (though not happening anytime in our near future...)

  11. I commented on the "surrounded by cousins" post!


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