Friday, November 9, 2012

favorite things friday: local bloggers

Last weekend, I hosted a Denver/Boulder blogger meet-up at Fabricate, an adorable fabric shop. here in Boulder. It was so great to connect with a dozen other craft, fashion, & lifestyle bloggers over cupcakes, izze, and a fun little craft. 

There's something to be said for being in an environment where you whip out your iphone to instagram your cupcake or bust out your fancy camera to get up close & personal on your craft  -- and no one notices ;) We had some great chats about the highs & lows of blogging, running handmade shops, and gushed about our favorite bloggers. 

Thankful for the bloggers that made it to our fun little event:

A special thanks to the following businesses for donating beverages, cupcakes, & a location (respectively):

Another special thanks to the stellar handmade businesses that contributed goodies to the swag bags:

Have you ever been to a local blogger meet-up? These gals & I see many more in our futures :) 



  1. Would love to do this in the Knoxville/Nashville, TN area, but wouldn't know where to start in meeting other bloggers/crafters. Did you all know each other already?

    1. i knew a couple, had met a handful more of them at random handmade markets & such...the rest was just word of mouth!

  2. Well done, Kim! Looks like an amazing time for sure. I would love to attend something like that in the Boston area (or maybe I'll be in CO visiting family when you have one in the future?!)

  3. Bring it on for the southern tier of New York! :) Its something Ive always envied about California blogger gals-there are so many and therefore, so many meetups and events. Id love something like this.

  4. That's awesome! Would love to do something like that up my way but I'm not sure how to find them. If you know of anyone else in CT, please send them my way!

  5. How fun! Looks like a great time!

  6. How fun! Maybe include CoSps next time? I'd come. :)

  7. man so many awesome girls in one city!! I think i've read at least 4 of these blogs before:) What a great time

  8. I've never been to a formal "meet up", but I have met up with a few bloggers on occasion (some who I now consider proper friends) - it's so fun and funny to meet in person someone who you're friends with online. Kellie xx

  9. I really hope you do this again sometime! I wanted to come but had my kids' birthday party at the same time (priorities, priorities!!!). Would've been SO FUN! I met up with some Denver bloggers a few years ago and several of them have become dear friends. Bloggers get each other, you know?! I'm in Erie and LOVE Fabricate, so I was bummed. Next time!



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