Thursday, November 29, 2012

The Fayette Headband Holiday Collection

It's here! 

I finally narrowed down the fabrics that would make up the Holiday Collection of Fayette Headbands. I'm loving how different they all are and, most of all, I love how you can dress most of these up way easier than all the ginghams & florals in the original collection. On the other hand, they can absolutely still be dressed down for day-to-day wear. 

I chose fabrics that were more luxurious & swanky, rather than just simple cottons. They either have an amazing texture, a brilliant color, a subtle sheen, or a stellar design. I've been having fun experimenting with different ways to tie them, so I hope you're inspired by the photos below. The fabrics are all SO gorgeous and I hope you love them as much as I do! 
My two favorites are the Sleigh Ride & Mr. Grinch, but honestly? I'm keeping one of each for myself. 

I can't stress enough how limited each fabric is, so please snatch the one(s) you love up before they're gone! 

Ready for the line up?!

Sleigh Ride 
Seriously this little gold number has my heart. In the right light it has a bit of a blue sheen. 

it will go with everything and add a bit of pattern to a ((blah)) outfit.

a more casual cotton option, but the perfect color.

Mr. Grinch
it's the best one, in my humble opinion.

Winter Song
silver & black lace. so pretty & feminine!


Sparkle & Shine
this one almost has a leather-like look & feel to it with a subtle sparkle.

Baby, It's Cold Outside
Gorgeous color & texture all in one. 

I usually don't love giving discount codes on new products, however, it's the holidays, so consider this my present to you! 

If you buy two or more Fayette headbands (of any collection!), you will receive FREE SHIPPING on your order! Simply type in the code HOLIDAYCOLLECTION once you've added at least two Fayettes to your cart. 

They're excellent stocking stuffers, if I do say so myself! 




  1. very cute! love the Grinch one too. but I think anything sparkly wins out for me!

  2. I got the Grinch and the Leopard...couldn't decide :-) The shipping code cinched the deal for me. THANK YOU!

    1. so fun! i'm trying to decide which of those two to wear today :D

  3. Gooorgeous! I love the leopard and the sparkle & shine!

  4. These are so cute! I LOVE the Black lace one! P.S. you should do a tutorial on the different ways to tie them :)

  5. it was a hard decision but i had to have one! i mean, two. :)

  6. your hair is gorgeous! :) I'm obsessed. I also like the headbands obviously. haha. Ps- I found you through the giveaway we're doing next week. Hope to get to know you! xo


  7. I got my Fayette Headbands, Sleighride and Winter song. I tried making my own headband, but I must say they did not turn out as cute as yours. God has given you a great/fun talent!


  8. LOVE them all so much. Definitely adding some to my Christmas list.


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