Monday, December 3, 2012

Gift Ideas for the Baker in Your Life

Sometimes the ladies in your life are the hardest to shop for. There are endless possibilities, but it's difficult to narrow it down. What I've found that helps is if you figure out some general things that your friends are interested in. They can be mutual hobbies or something that makes them stand out. 

Here are some gift ideas for the lady in your life who loves to bake...that are easy to pick up and get gift wrapped last minute. 


I have no idea why I didn't include an apron on this list. Here are a few to choose from.  Oopsies. Anywho, here are the links and why I picked them!

1. Williams-Sonoma nesting bowls. I got these as a wedding gift and they are my go-to bowls. They are the best when you're needing to pour something and also? They're just super durable. Can't beat that.

2. Measuring cups - We all have a plain set. Sometimes it's fun to get a fun set! These patchwork measuring cups from West Elm will certainly be a win under the tree. That sounded sketchy. You know what I meant.

3. SCRAPE-A-BOWL!!!!! Oh, sorry. Did I just yell that? I received this kitchen-aid attachment as a graduation gift from my Memaw. I use it allllll.theeeeee.tiiiiiime. It takes away the need to stop your mixer and scrape it down every so often. Boom. I didn't link this one because there are so many different options and it just depends on the mixer you have and your color preference!

4. Easily, my favorite non-necessity in my kitchen. This owl cookie jar is perfect for those freshly baked treats. It's items like these that really make me miss my Anthropologie discount ;)

5. Recipe box from Martha Stewart for Macy's. Just because it's cute & functional and if you want to go the extra mile? Find some stellar recipes (maybe some family favorites?) and stock it beforehand. My owl salt & pepper shakers sit atop mine for extra cuteness. 

6. Also Martha Stewart (duh), this utensil set is equal parts colorful, adorable, functional and perfect for all those new recipes she'll be dying to try out. 

7. Lekue Macaron Baking Kit. Yes, I've bragged on this kit here and oh, here too...but all I'm saying is - it's the best. 



  1. My mom is a baker and I think she could use all of these. Thank you for the clues.


  2. I (not so stealthily) sent a link of this post to my mom with the title "my Christmas wishlist"! Haha. Thanks for sharing :)

  3. Love your suggestions! Aren't the Williams-Sonoma nesting bowls the best?

  4. Ok everything is so cute. Those measuring cups would be useless to me because I'd end up using them to hold things because they're so cute so they'd never be available as measuring cups.

  5. OHMYGOODNESS. I just added the Scrape-a-Bowl to my wish list! Genius! I got those W-S bowls my my mom a few years back. They are wonderful!

  6. Ok...I've been wanting to try out the Macaron baking kit ever since you've mentioned it!

  7. I love the measuring bowls :)

  8. Great gift list- love the utensil set!!

  9. That scraper attachment sounds genius! I hate having to stop all the time to get everything to mix evenly!


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