Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Reach 60,000 New Faces.

One of the best ways you can grow your blog and/or shop is to advertise on blogs that are like-minded and reaching a similar audience. I saw a huge difference in stats, sales, and followers once I started advertising. 

Sometimes, blog advertising budgets aren't as big as we'd like them to be so a group of us bloggers got together to offer ONE winner ad space on 20 blogs in the New Year. The ads will reach a total of 60,000+ followers, amazing right?! 

Scroll through to see all the beautiful faces behind the blogs you'll be winning ad space for and enter below simply by following along. 

Good luck!



  1. How much fun is this? I already followed some of these sweet ladies and now because of entering I have found some great blogs to get to know!! :)

  2. How fun! Excited to explore some of these bloggers sites! For some reason the link for "The Daily Tay" didn't work for me.

  3. Ahhh I totally dig your crafty blog!
    I'm now following you thanks to the amazing giveaway... You are all soo inspiring to us newbie bloggers. Keep it up!
    XOX Angela

  4. i found your thanks to this awesome giveaway and i'm so happy!I enered for a chance to win!


  5. New follower from SOML thanks to this sweet giveaway! I love crafts so I can't wait to check out your blog :)


  6. New follower!! I love arts/crafts so your blog is just precious! & more importantly, I love Dr. Pepper;) Ha.

  7. I'm a wreck with numbers and love Dr. Pepper too! I'm so glad I found a kindred spirit. Your blog is adorable, I can't wait to read more from you.

    New follower!


  8. LOVE this idea!!! xoxo

  9. How is every single one of those ladies ridiculously good-looking? Maybe it's only the attractive people who start blogs? (Not meant in a disparaging way, just something I noticed as I scrolled down the page.)

    Awesome giveaway for those looking to get more exposure to their "brand".


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