Wednesday, January 2, 2013

((outfit schmoutfit)) whatever, winter

Today's outfit schmoutfit is brought to you by my obnoxiously bright J.Crew dress! Thanks to this little number, I'm telling winter & it's frigid temperatures "whatever."

I wanted this dress SO badly last spring, but alas it was $188. The print is perfectly retro & modern (what I like to call "modern vintage"), the colors are fun and unique, and I love a good shift dress. I soon forgot about it, and was only reminded of it when gals at work would wear it or the same print in blouse form. Oh, J.Crew how you haunted me all summer!

When Autumn came around, I for real forgot about it. Let's call it pregnancy brain. Well, while shopping at an outlet mall when we were in Texas for some fancy shoes for Chase...we stopped in the J.Crew outlet. 

Lo and behold, I see THE DRESS. 

on the sale rack. 

with a 40% EXTRA off promo going on.

and the sales associate handed me a 20% off coupon when I walked in.

and I had a gift card.

((the heavens opened and angels sang a chorus in victory))

That's right, people. This dress was pretty much FREE.

Let's all take a second and clap. 

Now then, let's talk about this watch. Have you heard of Wristology? It's a great watch company that gives back with every purchase. The coolest part? You get to choose whether you feed a hungry child, help an abused woman, or save an animal's life.

...and now, let's see that bump ;)
necklace (you can see it above): francesca's
dress: j.crew
cardigan/wrap: target 
tights: pure & good from anthropologie
booties: blowfish (similar here)
watch: c/o wristology



  1. looooooove it. i am starting to fantasize about a sliiiightly less bright white skin tone, and florals as well. mmmmmm.
    but, i have boots to keep me happy until the time comes.

  2. Love it all-the dress, the watch and of course, your baby bump:) The whole time I was thinking "she doesn't look pregnant at all!" and the last pic proved me wrong. But you are just shining:)

  3. it was meant to be... love when that happens.

    of course, my life is more like-- see something, wait for it to go on sale and it's on SALE! but not in my size...bleh.

  4. You are so cute! Keep these maternity style posts coming... I'm saving them for next time I'm preggers {Lord willing, will be soon}.

  5. I LOVE this dress - you look fabulous! And for free? Even better. :)

  6. I love it! I love a tunic/dress over leggings when pregnant because heaven knows jeans aren't comfortable in the least! You look great, by the way, and hardly even look pregnant!

  7. it looks lovely! yay for outlet malls!

  8. You are suuuuch a cute pregnant lady. And I love the bright dress in the winter! The story makes it even better. Love when that ish happens!

  9. Ahhh! Yes! I love that dress!! What a great steal!! Your "bump" is adorable.

  10. Love your pretty dress and your cute bump!

  11. I always fall into some fashion blahs in the winter. I just want to wear jeans and hoodies and neutrals. But you've inspired me to pull out some bright patterns!

    Love the bump, you look radiant. My first baby was due in August so I just wore maxis and flip flops at the end, but my second baby was due in April and it was SO HARD to find clothes that made me feel good. You make it look easy. (:

  12. The print of that dress is perfect!
    And that watch is beautiful in many ways!
    You look gorgeous!!

    Love, Saar

  13. Is there anything like a practically free dress and a gorgeous girl wearing it? I think not!


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