Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Introducing: The Colette Headband

 If you haven't noticed already, the Colette headband is NOW available for purchase in the Oh, Sweet Joy SHOP! The Colette is a spin off of the Fayette headband that is so near & dear to my heart. Instead of coming to a bandana-like point, we've got a bow shape going on here - perfectly feminine. You can still tuck in the "bow" to make a simple knot and most of these ways to tie the Fayette still apply. The Colette comes in a perfect assortment of retro candy shoppe inspired solid colors and polka dots.

 I want to introduce the colors/prints for you and then some fine print/housekeeping is below all the fun stuff. 

The polka dots: 
Lemon Drop - ((driving away those winter blues)) Yellow Polka Dot

Aqua Dot - Mint/Aqua Polka Dot

Bubble Gum - Pink Polka Dot

Blueberry Pie - ((definitely a favorite of mine)) Navy Polka Dot

The solids: 
Sour Apple - ((Color of the Year)) Green Solid

Orange Soda - ((perfect for spring)) Orange Solid

Raspberry - Bright Pink Solid

Teal Taffy - ((teal/turquoise fusion))

Minty Fresh - ((not expecting this one to last long)) Mint/RE blue solid

-I'm PUMPED to tell you that these headbands are already sewn & ready to ship! Please allow 2-3 business days to process, package, and ship orders.
-The Holiday Collection sold out twice within the day, so if you see a color you want, you should go ahead and snag it. If some of the colors sell out, but then I add restock of a color you want and you've already placed an order - go ahead and order it, shoot me an email and I will combine your order/refund your shipping cost.
-All discount codes expire Friday night at midnight.
-As mentioned above, I have LOTS that are ready to ship, but if you add a Fayette to your order then it will take a bit longer for your order to get to you, as those are still made to order. You can absolutely use the discount codes for Fayette headbands, as well. 
-Some of my favorite bloggers are helping me out with the launch and if you happen to read some of the same blogs I do, you'll find plenty of discount codes. 
-Once these are sold out, I have limited fabric to make a TINY bit more inventory. These will be made to order, however. With that said, if you purchase a restocked item after you've already ordered one, your order will be delayed unless you don't mind paying shipping twice. 
-Unfortunately, USPS bumped up shipping costs. I still try to keep mine as low as possible. I've changed all of my shipping prices to reflect the same shipping cost  - whether you buy one or four!


Thank you SO much for supporting handmade. I couldn't be more honored to share this labor of love with you.



  1. Ohhhhh myyyyy goodness. I need one. ASAP.


  2. So Cute! :) Trying to decide if I can pull one off. :)

  3. Just ordered mine...so excited!!!


  4. so adorable! The only problem was I had a really hard time deciding between the aqua dot and lemon drop!! Can't wait to get mine! Love!

  5. Love all of these. I would love to buy one but I am not really sure how to wear them. Also, I have short hair so I am not sure how they would work with mine. I love the navy dot and the pink and blue solid! And you look adorable in all the photos!

  6. i am IN LOVE w/ all your modeling pics!!!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  7. not only do i want a headband, i want your glasses. i don't even wear glasses! cutie cute.

  8. So adorable–I'm crazy about that navy polka dot!

  9. super cute and adorable headbands!

  10. All your pictures are SO cute and the headbands are also adorable!!


  11. Just bought the Lemon Drop one!!! SO ADORABLE, can't wait for it to get here!
    xo, B | SanBriego.com

  12. Every single one is adorable!



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