Thursday, March 21, 2013

a "day date" in fort collins

I've been trying to soak up as much "Chase time" as possible before little one arrives to rock our world and sleep schedules. Even evenings spent watching Duck Dynasty while eating a home cooked meal is special & sacred time these days. With Chase's work & school schedule and my odd, yet sometimes flexible "work from home" schedule, days off are few and far between around here, especially when we're both able to not work for a whole day on the same day. 

One of my favorite ways to spend days off is exploring with Chase. In the summertime, warmer temperatures and nicer weather allow us to go for hikes and such. In the winter, we like to explore cities/towns that we don't live in. It's a fun way to date my husband without a typical dinner out date night. A few weeks ago, I decided to surprise Chase and drive up to Fort Collins for the day...with a stop at Daylight Donuts in Longmont, of course. 

I had a day planned of a brewery tour ((which were full both times we showed up)), lunch date at our favorite place in town, a cupcake pit-stop, some time to stroll around in the sunshine, and what I thought would be a nice sache through a flower garden ((pansies were promised on their website)) turned out to be a dud and so we cruised around one of the art museum exhibits on CSU's campus. It was so fun to just spend the day being silly and care-free with the love of my life.

No flowers, but COFFEE FUEL ((and plenty of sunshine))!

We shared a buffalo reuben (YUM!) on the patio at Choice City with our preferred beverages of choice.

No cameras were allowed, oops. I just loved these retro chairs!

I pose. Chase climbs. Typical. I better get used to our Little One being just like him. :) 

We each got a chocolate stout cupcake from Butter Cream Cupcakery. Win. I'm not kidding about whose was whose. I'm eating for two, ya know ;)

What's your favorite way to spend a day or a date night with your husband? 



  1. Sounds like a great day. Fort Collins is a pretty cool town. If you guys are ever looking for other fun places in CO let me know. I'm curious where else you have visited.

  2. What a lovely little date Kim!! What a bummer about the flowers not being in bloom but that giant can of soup is impressive and I love the his & her cupcakes!! :3

  3. I LOVE day dates! A few months ago both the hubs and I were feeling very stressed/overworked/disconnected from each other so we took a day off of work and played hookie. It was the perfect day and so worth the sacrifice of a "sick day" taken.

  4. We love doing day dates. We haven't been able to do it too much lately cause of work, but I love when we go on little adventures. We also love cuddling and watching movies together and then talking about it after.

  5. Awe - sounds like a great day! I just posted about the day-date that my boyfriend and I had yesterday too. Must be something in the air. Spring perhaps? haha


  6. Love day trips like this--I always feel such pressure on 'date nights', wanting to look perfect, find the perfect spot, make sure the conversation is deep. But day dates like this are always so perfect and refreshing!

  7. Duck Dynasty + home cooking is one of my favorite weeknight dates–but stout cupcakes and a day exploring sound even more amazing!

  8. Love this :) I love nights out with my husband! Usually we'll just do dinner, but we stay and laugh and just relax the night away! A good day date is nice too, and we love to spend days at the beach. Hopefully we'll get to do that soon :)

  9. yesss enjoy date night as much as you can right now!!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  10. Day dates are the best - sometimes hubby & I both play hookie from work while the kids are at school and the sitter and drive down to the beach and ride our bikes on the seawall. So much more fun than a Friday night typical dinner and a movie!

    Wednesday nights we also have a date with the Robertson family as well every week!! ;)

  11. that is where I went to school and I was a tour guide for that brewery for four years! glad you had fun my friend!

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