Monday, March 25, 2013

lemon-lime pom(mint)granate spritzer recipe

This time of year, I start craving my sangria recipe. Actually, who am I kidding? I crave it year 'round. Unfortunately, I've got a few more weeks until I can indulge in such beverages so I've had to get creative with some things that taste fancy, but are non-alcoholic. This drink was a random combination that I ended up LOVING and had to share with y'all. It's super refreshing, delicious and low calorie. You simply can't go wrong!

Mint Sparkling Water
POM Juice
Fresh squeezed juice from half a lime
Mint leaves
Lemon & Lime for Garnish

Fill cup with ice & add:
1-2 parts mint sparkling water (depending on how much you like the flavor, it definitely keeps it from getting too sweet)
3 parts lemon lime soda (sprite)
Squeeze of lime
2 parts POM

Give it a little stir, add a cute straw, and sip away! I added a lemon and a lime slice for garnish, but it would also be tasty & fancy-like for you to add some mint leaves for garnish. You could definitely try this drink with other flavors of sparkling mineral water. The mint just sounded so perfect. I seriously am a BIG fan of mint and come summer-time I try to add it to almost everything I drink...sweet tea, water, mojitos (wink), even soda. 




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