Wednesday, April 10, 2013

just a quick update

So, the countdown is officially just a mere 5 days until my due date. I thought I'd pop in & give y'all a quick update in case you don't get a response to your e-mail, phone call, or text. I feel so loved and taken care of, but am getting super overwhelmed with all the "attention." I covet your prayers for patience & grace, as I know people are just trying to love me. There's just so much about to change and I'm trying so hard to rest & relax & savor the last few days. That's a bit tough when my phone is constantly whistling at me. 

I sound so ungrateful, don't I? Ugh. That's the problem, I'm grateful...I just don't know how to process it all and answering the same question over & over is exhausting. Pregnancy hormones probably don't help that much.

I feel great. Just tired. I'm actually getting a pretty decent amount of sleep at night. I'm so thankful for that....but somehow I'm still exhausted. 

It snowed 13 inches in the past 36 hours and so I haven't been able to get out and walk and the gym sounds like the worst thing ever. ((EXCUSE ME, TAN & FIT PEOPLE! WATER BUFFALO COMING THROUGH!))

I'm not dilated hardly at all but am about 75-80% effaced ((as of yesterday)). My contractions aren't regular or consistent, but I have several throughout the day.

He could honestly come at any moment and I'm trying to just soak up the extra cozy mornings with Chase, evenings watching Psych, folding freshly laundered baby clothes, making onesies, discussing names, laughing at the kicks that are now coming from a 7-8 lb baby, and praying extra hard for a safe delivery and a healthy baby boy. I already love him so much and I'm so anxious to see our little guy!


ps thanks for the water buffalo analogy, jessi. it resurfaced on my mind & I 100% understand and relate to it now...especially in relation to fitting into an antelope's wardrobe.

pss the awesome baby pants up top are from little hip squeaks. the onesies up top are from the wishing elephant. the onesies down below & the bicycle one were made by me thanks to the freezer paper tutorial from the alison show.


  1. When I was pregnant with my first and due any day, I had a male co-worker who was a father of 4 tell me to just enough the last few moments. I thought he was crazy and stupid, cause he was not the size of a whale carrying around a large kicking human, and he never would, being a male and all. After I had my boy, I realized how right he was! Those last few days of morning snuggles with no babies cries (or toddler cries or preschooler's wake up salutes) are SO precious. Turn off your phone. Don't respond to me. Enjoy your husband, enjoy the baby kicks and rest in the moment. Praying for a speedy and safe arrival!

  2. Take it easy Kim and just enjoy life each day as it comes!! Lots of love to you my dear!! xoxo

  3. Yes! Ignore the world, and take time for yourself!!! I'm sure it gets overwhelming. I'm only 34 weeks, and get overwhelmed by the same questions over and over...

    The onesies look great by the way :)

  4. It does get overwhelming! It's okay to take a breather from it all. Prayers for a safe labor and delivery!

  5. How amazing–my boss is due on the 16th, and she's definitely feeling ready (and impatient)! My Mama didn't do a very good job protecting her sanity during my first few days and ended up screaming at a sibling for holding me too long–after a nap, everyone except her own Mama had cleared out! I think everyone can understand how overwhelming bringing a new life into the world is, but simply saying, "I'm exhausted," seems a whole lot better than losing it!

  6. Just post this link on your blog until the baby arrives and enjoy your last few days of pregnancy ;)

  7. Those onesies are adorable! Both the adorable felt ones and your precious painted ones. Love them. I'll be praying for ya!

  8. i've loved following you through all this and can't wait to see what comes next. you're allowed to feel frustrated or ungrateful. we all know you truly do love everything good in your life. just take it one step at a time and bask in the blog (and real life) love

  9. Whoa, I didn't realize you were that close. So exciting! I totally feel you on the pregnancy hormones doing crazy things and not helping you cope. Definitely take time for you, ignore social media if necessary, and enjoy the last days with just your hubby. My only bit of advice would be don't freak out if you pass your due date by. I went 4 days past with my son and it totally messed with me. :)

  10. Oh mama, prayers for a smooth-sailing delivery and can't wait for pics of your little man :)

    P.S. L-O-V-E those onesies. I will need to acquire a similar set someday... gotta stay true to my CO roots! :)

  11. Turn off your notifications, and just ignore FB. It is very annoying when people ask if the baby is here you had him and didn't tell anyone. Enjoy the last few days while he is inside!


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