Friday, April 26, 2013

((favorite things friday)) lindsay's summer staples

I love letting friends take over my blog for a day. Today, y'all get to hear from Lindsay from Hello Hue. If you don't already follow her blog or haven't checked out her etsy shop, HOP TO IT! She's the sweetest and so inspiring. 

Hey Oh, Sweet Joy readers! Kim is taking a little break to spend time snuggling sweet baby Knox, so I'm jumping in here to share a Favorite Things Friday post with you!

I hear through the grapevine (ahem, Instagram and Twitter), that it's still a bit chilly in some parts of the States. I promise you though-- summer is coming! In anticipation of warm breezes, sunshine and pink lemonade sipping, I thought I'd share some of my current 'must-haves' for this summer.

{'Soho Spirit' Bloom Theory camera strap} Ok, I don't own this baby, but if I had the cash, you can bet that I would. All of the Bloom Theory camera straps are simply gorgeous and perfect for toting around your camera this summer.
{American Eagle Midi Shorts in dark denim} Is it just me, or are shorts getting shorter and shorter? (Maybe that's just me getting older...) I love these midi shorts-- they're the perfect length to showcase those tanned legs without showing off too much, if ya know what I mean.
{Garnier Skin Renew BB Cream} Honestly, I'm not a big makeup girl, but these next two items are my staples. Garnier's BB cream has the perfect amount of coverage and SPF, while still feeling weightless on my skin. I recommend it to everyone.
{Clinique Chubby Stick} On my frumpiest days, a little color on my lips goes a long way. If nothing else, be convinced by the awesome color names. Chunky Cherry is my current favorite shade, but I'm thinking about branching out to Two Ton Tomato for the summer.
{The Hard Case by Gelaskins in CheckMark} For as much as I have my phone out to snap pictures and keep in touch with fam back home, I needed a great case. I love the bright colors and great protection of my Gelakins case.

Ok, so, I'm curious--  what are your summer staples?


Thanks so much Lindsay! I think I need those shorts and I am loving a good lipstick these days. 



  1. I love the shorts and the camera strap! I've heard great things about BB creams, but haven't tried any yet. I totally agree on having a good iphone case, it's definitely a necessity for summer photo taking. One of my summer staples is a good self-tanning lotion! :)

  2. ooh lovely picks! the camera strap and phone case are super cute! my summer staple is sunscreen...and a lot of it because I'm really pale!

  3. Great picks. Love the camera strap and cellphone case.

  4. clinique chubby sticks are the best! i'm addicted to mine.

    bri | mamages

  5. I completely agree about shorts getting shorter! I was looking to pick up some recently and cringed at how short some come and found myself in the "womens" section of the store looking for more reasonably length shorts! Maybe it's because I'm turning 30 this year or maybe shorts are really getting shorter!


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