Monday, May 27, 2013

handmade monday ((diy fabric iphone case))

I'm always wanting to buy a new iphone case and yet I can never seem to want to spend more than $15 on one. I found the perfect solution, which is what brought along today's handmade monday project. Enjoy!

Step 1
Purchase a clear iphone case. I bought mine here for suuuuper cheap. You can find them anywhere from about $5 to $20. 

Step 2
Trace the outline of your iphone onto fabric or pretty paper. Using a scissors ((for fabric)) or an exacto knife ((for paper)), cut out the oval for the camera. I used the case to trace the placement and then trimmed as needed.

Step 3
Cut out the fabric, pop it into the case, and slip your phone in. Voila! You've got a "new" iPhone case that can be updated as often as your outfit. ;)

Make sure you are cutting the fabric to where it will be "pretty side" facing outward.



  1. Genius! Now I just need an iphone ;)

  2. so cute! I have been needing a new iphone case anyway :)
    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  3. Super Cute! I gotta give this a try!

  4. You're actually a genius! I have 8 phone cases and I love them all dearly but it's become quite an obsession that my bank balance hates me for. Will definitely be trying this out.

    Irene (The Kildonan School)

  5. Pinned for entry in happy little lovelies giveaway. Plus, great idea :)


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