Monday, May 20, 2013

((handmade monday)) DIY ruffled pillow

One of my fabulous sponsors, Amy Kathryn Bags, put together this great tutorial for an adorable ruffled pillow. I'm excited to share it with you for today's handmade monday!

Cut two 19” squares of fabric for front and back panel of pillow.  Then cut four 38” x 4” pieces of fabric for ruffled edge trim.  You will also need an 18” square pillow form. Once you have all of your supplies and your materials are cut & ironed, you’re ready to start!

  1. Take one trim piece and fold the short end of trim ½ . Fold in half lengthwise to show a folded edge at short end.
  2. Sew a long stitch lengthwise .5 from cut edge without backstitching at either end. Leave about 5 of thread hanging off each end.
  3. Hold one thread and scrunch the fabric gently along the thread towards the middle to get a ruffle. Be careful not to break the thread. If that happens, you must start over with Step 3.
  4. Pull your fabric so it has an even gather throughout the length and so that it fits along one 19 edge of your square pillow.   Repeat four times and pin ruffles in place. Folded edge of ruffles should face the center of pillow.   Sew trim to pillow facing over the existing stitch line on ruffle.

5. Sew second panel to facing with ruffles. Make sure fabric is right sides facing each other. Sew to the inside of your existing stitch line. Do not sew almost all of one side. Just sew about 2 in from corner on the 4th side of square. Then, turn pillow right side out and place pillow form inside case.
6. Fold and pin the fourth side together. Topstitch the opening closed (this side will preferably be the bottom on the pillow).

 How great is that? The color and fabric possibilities gets me all giddy inside. So pretty and a simple way to update a space.



  1. How cute!! :) Have a lovely day! xo Holly

  2. Thanks, Kim! It’s a great tutorial. I am saving this as I want to make some.

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