Tuesday, May 28, 2013

life to the full

I've been so reminiscent lately and pretty darn emotional. A lot of that stems from hormones. A lot of that stems simply from an abundance of gratitude.

You see, I feel that I've lived a pretty darn full 26 years on this planet. I've made some amazing memories, made plenty of mistakes, and have been richly blessed. Yet, I'm so quick to let sleep deprivation, exhaustion, a body that I don't recognize, & petty circumstances steal my joy. I'm quick to just let the enemy win. I sit down and let him sit on my shoulders so that I'm immobile.

I look back on my life at the things I've done, places & people I've enjoyed, and the moments I've lived...they make me want to fight harder against the enemy so that I enjoy everything to the fullest. They make me take a deep breath with a smile on my face and just say, "Thank you, God. You are too good to me."

Growing up in a community that loved football and loved God. Sometimes misplaced in priority, but still those people usually pointed me to truth and my faith.
Being nurtured and raised by a family who serves, supports & loves genuinely. 
Being blessed to develop rich friendships.
Realizing when it's time to let go of some relationships for a healthier & happier me.
Working two summers at a summer camp where I got to lead rope courses, hang out with awesome kids, teach them about Jesus, help them overcome fears, and get crazy tan lines...while simultaneously learning what it meant to rely on Jesus for strength & energy & patience.
Graduating from one of the best universities in the nation.
Riding on an elephant in Sri Lanka. 
Sharing the Gospel with a 90 year old woman in Togo, Africa.
Marrying the love of my life.
Moving to the mountains when the job market in Texas had nothing for us upon graduation.
Hiking a fourteener. 
Singing "Jesus loves the Little Children" with a group of 100+ precious children in Africa.
Skydiving in Queenstown, NZ.
Working my dream job.
Riding a train across the Sri Lankan countryside.
Driving both the North & South Islands of New Zealand for our honeymoon.
Eating weird weird weird food in Malaysia.
Starting my own business.
Living on an island & riding a boat to work every day while teaching English overseas.
Moving to Boulder to be a part of a church plant, which has been one of the hardest times I've had trusting the Lord and relying on Him fully.
Going to Mexico for a fun little getaway. 
Giving birth to a happy and healthy baby boy that has given me more joy than I ever thought imaginable.

In those moments I know that I was living life to the full. I want more full moments. I want to live a full life, not crippled by fear or anxiety or exhaustion. 

The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy. I came that they may have life and have it abundantly. John 10:10

Are you living your life abundantly? I hope you're not letting the enemy destroy more than you are feeling and experiencing life to the full. Be thankful and focus on the abundant, sweet, and beautiful today. 



  1. This is a great post! So often I get so caught up in the little things that I forget to step back and see how blessed I truly am. Great reminder to do so!

  2. What a beautiful post–and a rich 25 years. To many more, and even fuller!

  3. oh girl i need to do this and remember the richness that I've had. It's so easy to not recall all the goodness in life that God gives!

  4. Thank you for this reminder today :)

  5. Yes, God is good and faithful, ALWAYS. Thanks for the reminder to keep our focus on the ONE that can sustain and bring meaningful JOY. All else will fade...

  6. beautiful post! thanks for the reminder to be grateful :)

    Rebecca @ tr[i]b[e]cca

  7. wow, so beautifully written kim! xo

  8. Need this verse like no other!
    Thank you for blessing me!

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