Friday, June 14, 2013

scenes from our week ((& well wishes for the weekend))

I had such a productive and fun week. We went to the pool, got some blog stuff done, some shop plans dreamed up, and lots of bills taken care of. That cute little fella above also slept through the night a few times, so this mama is feeling refreshed and well rested. I had a little meltdown on Sunday night and finally told begged God, "Okay. I need sleep. I'm tired of trying to make that happen on my own efforts. It's not working. Please help." In that desperate plea, he heard me. He met me in my weakness and gave me rest. Even on the nights that Knox still woke up often, He gave me rest. Color this gal thankful. Whatever color thankful is...

I hope your weekends are full of fun, beauty, and rest. We are headed to Texas at the booty crack of dawn tomorrow. I canNOT wait.



  1. Glad your week was productive & you got some sleep - how wonderful!


  2. Those flowers are gorgeous! And your little guy is such a cutie!

  3. He slept through the night?! Omgosh, I've been sending God the same pleas for months and he hasn't heard me yet. Not fair! LOL. I'm glad you are feeling rested. Your son is a doll!


    1. He hears ya darlin. And he only slept through he night til 4 or 5 am and twice. He's back at his night time shenanigans :D

  4. tgif!! having a wonderful weekend my friend!

  5. Are those sheets or a blanket he is laying on? Where can I find it?? They would be perfect in my little guy's room who will be here in September!


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