Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Fruttare ((a frozen treat you should know about))

You all know how I feel about ice cream and other frozen treats. I think they're the BEST. I eat ice cream and popsicles year-round, with zero qualms about it. I don't care if it's snowing outside in the Winter, I will take a bowl of ice cream, please. 

Anywho, when brands reach out to me as a blogger, I'm pretty exclusive. Not as a prideful thing, but simply because I don't want this blog to become one big sponsored ad. If I share a product with you, it's because I genuinely think, OH! My readers should know about this. With that said, when Fruttare reached out to me to promote their dessert bars and fruit bars, well...I think you know that I was on board. 

I headed into my local Super Target to the frozen aisle and decided to try the peaches & milk dessert bars and the lime fruit & juice bars. The peaches & milk dessert bars were exactly that - peachy and perfect for dessert. They didn't taste artificial  at all, real chunks of peaches and the sweet creamy flavor made it such a treat. It really tasted like homemade ice-cream on a stick.  Soft, smooth, sweet, and savory. You can't beat that.

Now, let's talk about lime popsicles. They're my favorite BUT the color kiiiinda freaks me out. It's usually like something out of ghostbusters and I'm afraid it's going to turn my insides glow in the dark. I also can't handle how "crunchy" and sometimes gritty frozen popsicles can be. My favorite things about the Fruttarre lime fruit & juice bars were that it had no artificial flavoring and it was the perfect mix of sweet and a bit of tang from the lime. Not to mention, again, it was soft and smooth. Anything citrus + cold is so refreshing to me, this fruit bar was no exception.

Both of these are the perfect treats for when you get back from the pool, back from work, back from a hike, back from the living room, etc. ;) I, for real, can't wait to try more flavors! They're now on my grocery list for the week - I want to try the strawberrrrrrry. I mean, you can never have too many frozen treats waiting for you in your freezer can you? 

Connect with Fruttare: 

Want to win a box of Fruttare bars? Comment below with what flavor you want to try ((flavors here)) and a winner will be picked next week!


Disclaimer: I received this product free of charge. However,  all words and opinions are my own and totally legit! I wouldn't lie to y'all, especially about ice cream. ;)


Tuesday, July 30, 2013

outfit schmoutfit ((a dressed up concert t-shirt edition))

These days, I tend to gravitate towards my go-to skinnies and a flowy blouse or tank with sandals. To get more wear out of the rest of my wardrobe, in this case maxi skirts and fitted tees that are not flattering to my post-partum belly, I've just been pairing them together and tying the top at the waist. I also wear my bumped by blanqi for target tank underneath to smooth everything out, for good measure. 

((one from blooper reel, ha!))

We were driving to Denver for the day and I wanted something casual, yet exciting for this outfit -- I'm kind of obsessed with the way it turned out. It felt comfortable, but was much less frumpy than jeans, keds, and a tee ((which is pretty much what I wore all weekend haha)). This will be my go-to combination any time I'm wanting to wear a t-shirt, but also wanting to feel put together. Also, this skirt might seem a bit short for a maxi, but y'all...any shorter and I'm constantly tripping. 

Tee - Mumford & Sons Concert at Red Rocks ((best ever))
Maxi Skirt - I made it
((similar one found here, also styled here))
Necklace - Anthropologie
((also styled here & here -- and tons of others because it's my favorite))
((also styled here))


Friday, July 26, 2013

August Ads

If you're interested in advertising on Oh, Sweet Joy! in August, email me for a current info sheet. 


I'd love to have you and help promote your shop and/or blog. There's an ad package for any budget and anyone who signs up for 3 months (any package) starting in August will get 15% off! :) Just mention this blog post. 

If you're struggling to get things rolling or would just like to expand your audience/customer base, let's partner up! I'd love to help. My readers are the best around and I just know this will be a match made in Heaven :)


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Thursday, July 25, 2013

sponsor highlight + giveaway ((featuring the brazz boutique))

Brazz Boutique offers an online shopping experience for fashion-forward women. Brazz offers the latest styles and trends in women's clothing, jewelry and accessories all for an affordable price. Brazz opened in January of 2013 and is based out of Nashville, Arkansas.

Link Love:

Giveaway Item:
one winner will win a necklace ($30) and the other this stellar bracelet ($34)! 


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

outfit schmoutfit ((orange & olive))

Sometimes, you feel frumpy dumpy and are tired of wearing the same pair of shorts and sandals with whichever top is easiest to nurse in on the go. Coincidentally, sometimes you are going to be with your husband all day -- which means you don't have to lug around the carseat because you've got a big hunk of man to do that hard work for you. On those days, I choose to wear heels because gosh-darnit, I want to feel fancy. 

I haven't worn this top since the day ((this day)) I found out I was pregnant...because whoa-dang that bump grew fast and peplum is no pregnant girl's friend. But y'all, I *love* peplum and was excited to style this gem again. I mean, can you blame me?

Although I have a crush on Summer, this outfit got me a little antsy for Fall...but donnnnnn't you worry I'm not wishing away long, sunny pool days just yet! The pop of bright orange keeps is light and summery -- you know how I feel about a good bright statement necklace. 

Necklace - C/O That's Mine Boutique
*also styled here*
Peplum Blouse - Anthropologie 
*also styled here*
*also styled here*


Friday, July 19, 2013


Last night, two of my sweet local blogging friends ((Lizzy & Rebecca)) and I drove down to Denver for a fun little shindig called eat. drink. create. Erin & Lexy work their cute little booties off to throw a series of fun events where we ((gasp)) eat, drink, and create a cute little craft. 

To munch on, there were yummy little paper bags of cherries and sweet slices of pie from The Humble Pie Store. Y'all know how I feel about pie. To sip on, were two options of lemonade complete with striped straws ((because, duh)). Fancy Tiger provided a cute little embroidery craft and blankets were spread out for us gals to sit and chat on. It was perfectly styled for summer and sweet conversation, complete with photo props, balloons, and bunting.

Me & Tara of Modern Maven. She is sweet as can be.
((Dress from J. Crew & Necklace from That's Mine Boutique))

It was a great way to jumpstart the weekend. Make sure you keep tabs on the Holiday eat, drink, and create. Hopefully I'll see you there!

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

((outfit schmoutfit: three things + a blowfish shoes giveaway!))

Aztec Blouse - Urban Attic Boutique
Sparrow Earrings - C/O Splendor Shop

1. I never ever ever could have fathomed the amount of love that I could have for this baby boy. I'd take the bald spots, stretch marks, extra pounds, grey hairs, and sleepless nights all over again. 

2. On a much less sappy note, see the dark spots on the second photo (on my hand)? Those are burns from my stupid curling wand. I'm averaging about one a week. I either need to give up trying to make my hair look presentable or wear that glove that was provided with the wand. Yikes.

3. I'm think I'm going back to my neutral ways. I keep finding myself gravitating towards fun patterns, but in black, white, taupe, tan, etc. I am my mother's child. 

Want to win your pick of any Blowfish shoe? It's your lucky day! This brand has quickly become my favorite. So comfy, stylish, and they are all great staples for any wardrobe. Enter on the widget below!

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

((influence conference giveaway!))

It has been a joy to be a part of the Influence Network the past few months. I am excited to be leading a workshop at the conference this year and even more overjoyed to meet so many familiar faces that I interact with daily. I have teamed up with some other Infuence ladies to provide one lucky lady "full ride" to the conference this year. That's right! We're paying your way. Not only that, but you will be winning a Lifetime Membership to The Influence Network. Endless resources, community, encouragement. Jackpot! 

The winner of the giveaway will win the following package:

  • an Influence Conference ticket ($225 value)
  • $250 airline voucher
  • 2 nights at the Westin hotel ($250 value)
  • Better Life Bags Brynnda bag ($165 value)
  • $50 Sashes Market Gift Voucher
  • Lifetime Membership to The Influence Network ($200)

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Monday, July 15, 2013

to my fellow bloggers

There seems to be a state of unrest among many bloggers that I follow. There seems to be an abundance of self-doubt, in my own head included. Being interviewed by Chris last week got me thinking more about why I blog and what I would tell someone who was just starting out blogging. 

A huge goal of mine in this space is to simply inspire. Whether that is through my faith (or sometimes lack thereof), my personal style, my sometimes flawed - but hopefully accessible - recipes, my diy projects, my handmade businesses, or whatever...I hope that it's never a boastful attitude coming across, but a desire to share gifts that I have with people who want to read it. 

It's easy to get caught up in what other bloggers are doing. It's easy to focus on what they're good at that you aren't. My friend, that is straight up bull poop and it isn't going to get you anywhere except for maybe an invitation to your own pity party. 

I've been writing this blog for almost four years. My readership has fluctuated like crazy and it wasn't a lucrative venture for me for a long time. However, that was never why I was in it. I felt I had something to offer, something to share and I was doing a disservice to myself if I didn't follow through with what I had started. My "success" ((I use that term loosely, but know that only I can define what means success to me for this space)) wasn't overnight and I've worked so hard for it. I've spent countless hours editing photos that I didn't have the right settings set on the camera and didn't know it until after I took all the photos and tore down the set. I've used up numerous evenings coming up with projects that I could share with you. I've spent many ((many)) dollars creating recipes and series and product lines that don't always get pinned, commented on, or retweeted. But you know what? It. doesn't. matter. 

Sure, in my flesh, I'd love to get recognition...but that's sinful and takes ALL the fun out of blogging so I try to never ever focus on trying to create things that will get recognition. I create things that I love and that will hopefully inspire you, but if it doesn't? That's okay, because this creative outlet for me is life-giving and hopefully it is for you too. I know in my heart that God gave me these gifts and talents and I simply don't want to keep them to myself...and that's why I blog.

At the end of the day, you need to know that you have something to offer. You have something to be proud of, even if it's simply that you are putting yourself out there. 

You could be bad at crafting and a terrible cook, but you are a hell of a writer and someone comes back to your space to read your words that you've poured your heart into. Focus on that person.

You could be a mediocre writer, but you are super creative and come up with recipes that are easily accessible for someone who doesn't have a ton of time to prep meals for their family. That gal is growing in the kitchen because of your blog. Focus on that person.

You could simply have an incredible eye for photography. Your photos that you post inspire someone that is struggling with depression to see the beauty in life. Focus on that person.

You could have a great fashion sense, but you don't have a ton of money to dump into your wardrobe. You get creative with what you have, blog about it, and that's inspiring to a college girl who is working her way through college and has a similar style to you. She is thankful for your practical style. Focus on that person.

You could be passionate about beauty and your hair+makeup tutorials help a woman on the other side of the country - who didn't grow up with a mom to teach her how to fix her hair or do her makeup - feel beautiful. Focus on that person.

You could have a blog with only 10 readers. You are simply processing your struggle with infertility and your miscarriage story is giving someone that you don't even know comfort that they're not the only oneFocus on that person.

You could write a blog that is meant for family and friends who know you well. You share about your faith in Jesus and how He has saved you from your sought-after perfectionism and pride. He's rescued you from an eating disorder and reminds you that you are Redeemed by the cross. There is a woman in her thirties who has been starving herself for years to look "perfect." She somehow stumbles across your blog and finds hope. Focus on that person.

That's your audience right now. It could grow. It could not grow. You can't find your worth in that either way. You can't be jealous when someone gets put in the limelight and you don't. I would have quit a long time ago if I had focused on trying to keep up with others. Again, you need to KNOW that you have something to offer. Your words mean something. Your gifts are inspiring. Your story is important. Whether you have ten readers or ten thousand readers - share your story and share your gifts with boldness & confidence.


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Friday, July 12, 2013

american blogger

This past week, Chris Wiegand pulled into our street with his stunningly refurbished airstream trailer. We fed him some turkey burgers and sweet potato fries and then got rollin'. I have to say, I was super nervous and felt like a chump. It's easy to think that I don't have anything to offer and wonder why I was chosen to be a part of this. I'm quick to be embarrassed that my home isn't a perfect house with lots of styled rooms to choose from as interview settings. It was tough for me to not think about the fact that I'm still 15 lbs away from my pre-pregnancy weight and that what people see right isn't a body that I'm remotely comfortable in.

 I decided to not focus on my self-doubt and instead focus on the exciting opportunity that this was. I tend to stumble over my words in interview-like settings, so I was nervous that he wouldn't have any footage to take away. However, Chris made me feel super comfortable and having Knox+Chase in the room helped make me calm. Hopefully he enjoyed his time in the gorgeous town of Boulder. We love it here, so anytime we can show someone why we love it is a win. 

Chris was welcomed with this amazing sunset. Not too shabby, eh?

In case this is the first time you've heard anything about American Blogger, Chris is a filmmaker and is traveling the country to tell the stories of lots of bloggers. It's such an exciting and intriguing project and I can't wait to see the end result. You can follow along his adventure across the U.S. as he films his documentary on facebook and with the hashtag #americanblogger on instagram. 

It was an absolute honor to be a part of this project. I'm continually humbled at the opportunities that the Lord puts in my lap. 


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Thursday, July 11, 2013

sponsor highlight + giveaway ((featuring amy of that's mine boutique))

A good statement necklace is the perfect way to pull an outfit together, even if it's super casual. Today's featured sponsor, That's Mine Boutique, is the perfect match for anyone looking for a pop of color in the form of gorgeous handmade jewelry!

Hi, I'm Amy!
After selling locally in Catonsville, MD, the idea of having my own Etsy shop came to life with the support of my loving husband. 
The name, That’s Mine! Boutique, comes from my expression when I am out shopping. When I see something I really like at the mall (or online), I exclaim “That’s mine!”, or “omg, that is SO me!”. My husband can be a witness to this. He hears it all the time.
At That’s Mine! Boutique, my hope is that my customers will have that expression as well. 
At That's Mine! boutique, you will find unique and high quality jewelry pieces that you will love to wear.

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