Friday, August 23, 2013

favorite things friday: i found you miss new bootie

Regarding the title: Sorry, I had to. I finally got my first pair of booties last Fall and wore the HECK out of them, even while pregnant. This year, I'm wanting less of a staple and more of a fun pair. Here are a few that I've rounded up - some quirky, all perfect ((& most under $100!))

1. I've heard nothing but great things about these Toms Desert Booties. Comfy, casual and all kinds of awesome. They also come in taupe and camel. 
2. Super quirky and out of the ordinary. These Lucky Brand booties will surely make a statement. They also are available in a neutral option.
3. A little prep and a whole lot of fab, these Tracy Reese oxford booties are uh-mazing.

4. Cowgirl and rock star all in one - these Blowfish booties are vegan friendly and have the perfect heel height. 
5. As if this Dolce Vita bootie could get any more perfect, they added a gold toe to it to make me weak at the knees. Buy these at RiffRaff HEREand use the code "ohsweetjoy" for 10% off. 
6. The tall, chunky heel on these Jeffrey Campbells may not be practical for this mama with a carseat in tow, but I'd love to live vicariously through you and your impeccable shoe choice. That lusciously soft suede is just beckoning us. 

Have you found the perfect pair of booties for the Fall? I'd love to see them! Now excuse me, I have a decision to make and a pair of shoes to buy. :D

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  1. Mmmm...I want a pair of Minnetonka ankle high boots. I'm not into heels, but I love the moccasin look.

  2. oh those lucky brand ones are perfect! i wore the heck out of my boots in san francisco a few months ago and i'm sad to say i had to put them out of their misery :( i'm desperate for a new pair of perfect boots. thanks for sharing these beauties!

  3. I think my faves are the Lucky Brand ones. So cute and such a fun color!

  4. oh my goodness i just lol'ed hard at your post title.
    you win.

  5. I'm dreaming about a pair of high heeled loafers for fall, but you may have just changed my mind!

  6. The lucky brand booties are cute..been looking for booties for the fall great ideas her. Your title made me chuckle.
    Dee Of Ms Dee Kay

  7. Ummmmm now that song is stuck in my head.... :0

  8. The TOM booties are supa fab and COMFY!! I have the taupe ones from last year...there's rumor that they are available in leopard too!


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