Wednesday, August 28, 2013

((outfit schmoutfit)) lace & aztec print

I will always stand by the fact that a well-fitting dress in a great print will make any girl feel like a million bucks. I can't even tell you how much I'm loving this dress from Kintage and every time I've worn it, I've feel so pretty. The print and colors are spot on.  It's fitted on top, flowy on bottom, colorful, and has a touch of lace. Winning combination. They've since sold out, but there are so many great dresses available and they offer free shipping on U.S. orders! I'm looking forward to wearing this to a casual wedding in a few weeks. Also, don't hate on the bubble necklace. I will love them always and forever, even if they've had their time in the spotlight ;)

Wedges - DSW ((similar))
Necklace - VeryJane deals a while ago



  1. SO beautiful! Love this dress on you and your makeup looks AWESOME!

    1. you are too sweet! the lipstick is making it look way fancier than it is! :D

  2. THIS. DRESS. -you do look like a million bucks! love the combo of lace & aztec print


  3. you are looking quite amazing and you are ROCKING that dress! OF COURSE it's sold!

  4. lady you look stunning in this-- just your hair, and your smile-- you look genuinely happy and gorgeous.

    thought you should know.

  5. you are absolutely beautiful and i ADORE this dress :)

    cannot wait to meet you soon at influence conference!!

    erin james

  6. Can I say, that for me, who cares if bubble necklines have had their "day?" I pick necklines like that because they look good on me. It's nice when the things I wear to fit my figure are trendy, but annoying when they're not anymore and people start saying things like "that's so over." That's not even what it was about in the first place!

  7. How perfect is this dress?! And how contagious is your smile?! Gorgeous, girl! Just gorgeous!

  8. This dress is too perfect! You look stunning in it! If I had it, I'd be tempted to wear it every day :)

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  9. So pretty!! I love the feeling of wearing a dress that I really know looks good!

  10. Fabulous dress! You are stunning, lady. :)

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx


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