Wednesday, August 14, 2013

what i've been working on ((shop update))

I've been scheming some new collections and honing in on some Fall/Autumn products. Kim is my name and fabric shopping is my game, y'all. A lot of these "collections" are still in the works and will be debuted at the Influence Conference at the end of September ((or before then!)).

Here's a little behind the scenes of some mood-boards and swatch sets I've put together. This first one I'm most excited about because Oana Befort and I have teamed up to give y'all my favorite headbands yet. 

Black and white is on my radar loud & clear for the last quarter of 2013. So classic and perfect for finishing off that autumn hued outfit you'll be wearing. Any of these would be perfect with skinny jeans, riding boots, a white tee, and a nutmeg or burgundy sweater.

Speaking of nutmeg & burgundy, I can't leave out my Autumn collection! This was an accidental one, as these fabrics just "spoke to me" and they were so soft, high quality and luscious that I just had to offer them to y'all. You're welcome ;)

And finally, the "wraps" are coming, I promise! I'm still perfecting the "finishing" of them and haven't found a perfect hem that I'm crazy about. I also want to put together a video series of all the ways to tie them to go along with the launch. 

Alright, folks! That's what my brain has been working on as of late. It never rests, I'm tellin' ya. Which ones are you going to be keeping your eyes out for?


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  1. I love the black and white fabrics and the aztec prints! My daughter will love these!! Susan

  2. The Autumn collection has me unreasonably excited.

  3. I am in LOVE with your fabric choices! I really, really love the floral fabrics that you collaborted with Oana Befort with. Two very talented ladies working together is never a bad thing! :)

  4. I love the autumn collection! Eek! Can't wait!

  5. We're outfitting our living room in black and white, and I love that I'm not the only one who's loving thinking about the pairing!

  6. i love these palettes, very cute.

  7. I love all these new fabrics! can't wait to see how the headbands turn out.

  8. I love this whole post! So many great patterns and colors!

  9. The fabrics and the patterns are so gorgeous. Cant wait to see how they all turn out

    Ms Dee Kay

  10. Just jumped over here from your IG photo and I'm DYING. These fabrics are amazing and I especially love those florals and black & white! Just over a month til Influence!!!

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