Tuesday, September 3, 2013

acknowledging beauty

Life doesn't always ((read: usually)) go as planned. However, it's in those moments that I must continue to look around and acknowledge the beauty that surrounds me. It is in those moments that God reminds me that He is in control, no matter how hard I try to be or insist that I am. I'm willing to rest in that as often as I can. It's all that keeps me sane sometimes.



  1. Right on, sister. I was all sorts of a mess yesterday, and collected myself today outside on my back deck with a good book and a gentle breeze. And, bonus: the wildflowers I planted late in the season just started blooming. *Crowd goes wild*

  2. I'm opposed to comments that don't add value. but all I have to say is YES!

  3. loving the first pic!!! I love Australian Shepard!!! I want one :) But I am too busy with my lab!

  4. Amen to that. You simply MUST come share these photos with us at Everything Wild & Lovely :)



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