Tuesday, October 22, 2013

((outfit schmoutfit)) scarecrow vs indiana jones

Sometimes you purchase and wear something that your husband just doesn't understand. Chase likes to call this my Indiana Jones hat, which is completely absurd because it is obviously my bad hair day scarecrow hat. Moving on. I love the look of fun sweaters layered with chambray or even a flannel button down, but it reads a bit too preppy for me more often than not. So, here's a tip: wear a funky necklace, add a hat if you're feeling up to it, and anchor your outfit with some combat boots and it looks more eclectic than preppy. Baddabing.

This sweater is from a new online boutique called Gypsy Threads. They have SO many great things from floppy hats and cozy sweaters to boho dresses and fabulously affordable boots.   

Chambray: Thrifted
((get 15% off with the code OHSWEETJOY))
Bag: C/O Timi & Leslie



  1. So cute Kim! Love that sweater. I need to be more brave with hats. I have some but I always chicken out and take them off before I walk out the door. Anyway- you look awesome. I love it all! :)


  2. Love the the outfit! The over-the-shoulder shot reminds me of People mag 'celebrities in action'!

  3. That is a really cute outfit! I love the combination of all those pieces together!

  4. KIM!! I've been following your Instagram and am so glad I finally popped over to your site. You are just adorable! And I LOVE your headbands. :))


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