Wednesday, October 9, 2013

wearing maxis into the fall

Maxi skirts and dresses are a summer staple for most women. They're easy to style and often you can keep it super simple ((read: top knot, sandals, and a fun necklace if you're feeling fancy)) and still look completely put together. It wasn't until last year that I saw the beauty of styling maxis in the fall and through the winter ((see here and here)). I always struggled with what shoes to wear and if I looked like a massive pile of fabric. So, today I'll share my recipe, if you will, for styling your summer staple maxis into the Fall. It's all about the layers.

In this case, I took my Grecian Maxi Dress from  and layered it up with this gorgeous sweater, a bohemian necklace, and Target booties that I felt were fun paired with the sweater ((the pattern doesn't really show anyways)). The dress is a bright color, but when paired with coordinating colors and darker hues, it works! I lean towards coral being a year 'round color. 

So, recap - maxi dress + booties + sweater + necklace(s) = head to toe cozy fall layers.

This is part of a series of posts in which I've picked my favorite RiffRaff items to share with y'all. Most items are courtesy of the wonderful gals at RiffRaff, but I sincerely love their products and brand. Don't forget that you can use the code ohsweetjoy to get 10% off your entire purchase on



  1. Love it Joy! I was just about to do a post about transitioning maxis. I guess I never realized how versatile they can be. And let's be honest, it feels like wearing pj's around everywhere! Score.


  2. Oh, I love everything about this outfit. I want!!!!! You are genius for finding a way to wear coral year round!

    You can see my WIWW outfit at Olivia Cleans Green blog. Have an awesome day!

  3. Love wearing Maxi's dresses into the fall and I'm always wondering what shoes to pair with them. Love the booties! I'll need to try that.

  4. I always try to find ways to extend my summer wardrobe and this is so cute with the pop of color in the dress and a great patterned sweater and you can't go wrong with booties:)

  5. Your style is UNREAL. Seriously, incredible.

  6. This is the perfect look for cooler weather! I love your maxi and sweater together!


  7. Obsessed with this look! That cardigan is fabulous!
    Ashley | Raspberry Glow

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