Wednesday, October 2, 2013

what knox wore: winter water factory

I love sharing the onesies that Knox wears. Most of them are handmade and from small businesses, but from time to time  I find a brand that I find myself clicking through the website several times a week, checking to see what's new. My newest baby brand obsession is Winter Water Factory. It's not hard to find ADORABLE baby girl clothing, but Winter Water Factory has done that well and also nailed ADORABLE but masculine baby boy clothing.  Here are a few of my faves from their Fall Collection.

I'm seriously so smitten with all their prints. 

And here is Knox rocking the onesie/snapsuit pictured above. He's so on trend with his geometric print..not to mention it goes perfectly with his chubby thighs. ;) Anywho, this clothing is definitely a bit pricier than Target stuff, but it's SUCH great quality and since I think the Lord is preparing me for a home filled to the brim with boys, it will be fun to pass it down to the next little man cub when the time comes. Their sale section is pretty legit, too.

What's your favorite baby brand?



  1. Ooh, thanks for sharing, Kim! I have such a hard time finding adorable, non-character ridden boy clothes for Si! Off to check these guys out and find some new winter duds for him. Knox-- you're such a stud.

  2. Could you not just poor some honey on those little thighs and eat them to pieces?! He is precious...and that onesie just amplifies the cuteness!!

  3. So cute! And can Knox be any cuter?!! My gosh.

  4. I have a feeling the Lord is preparing me for a home filled with boys, too. I mean, I don't have any kids yet, but I just know... you know? My husband was entirely too adorable and ornery to not have little boys. And those onesies are too adorable to not have boys, too. :)

  5. Knox is so adorable! He looks like you:) And I am loving those prints!


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