Monday, November 11, 2013

Handmade Holidays Gift Guide 2013 ((Paper Category))

Welcome to the 2013 Handmade Holidays Gift Guide - where we celebrate all things handmade and support small businesses. This is truly the best of both worlds for me, as I share some amazing handmade wares, promote my favorite online boutiques, and help all of you out with your Christmas shopping. Every vendor listed in the gift guide this week will have a discount code, so now's your chance to get amazing products at a discount from the comfort of your own homes. The Gift Guide will be 5 days of features in the following categories: Paper, Jewelry, Accessories, For the Littles, and Wear ((online boutiques)). On Saturday, get ready, because there is a MEGA giveaway. You won't want to miss it. Without delay, let's get started with the Paper category!

Print design anchored with a love for simplicity & Jesus. 
Price Range: $10 - $20
Discount: OHSWEETJOY will get you a discount of $3 off every "Print" product in the shop from 10/31/13 through 12/20/13
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I believe the best design is simple, yet beautiful. My little shop is named after my trusty (dog) assistant, Fender, who is always on hand for important decisions. I offer a wide variety of products in my shop including magnets, bottle openers, buttons, and stationery. 
Price Range: $1.95 - $30
Discount: OHSWEETJOY1 will get you Free ((domestic)) Shipping!
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In the BW Prints shop you will find art prints to brighten every room in your home, cards and invitations for special occasions and a genuine appreciation for all things paper.
Price Range: $5 - $30
Discount: OHSWEETJOY will get you Free Shipping!
Links BW Prints Shop //  Instagram // Twitter

The CAPow shop is home to the original typography county state maps and candy heart map series. In addition to these popular prints, there are other photographs, prints, and illustrations to peruse! 
Price Range: $15 - $50
Discount: OHSWEETJOY will get you 20% off!
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EatSayLove is a print shop that offers high quality prints with unique designs at an affordable price. 
Price Range: $18 - $70
Discount: OHSWEETJOY will get you 15% off!
Links Shop //  Twitter // Instagram

AFerial-Shmerial Designs you will find beautifully and uniquely designed art prints. Each art print is made by me, with love, in my little home studio.
Price Range: All 8X10 Prints $15
Discount: OHSWEETJOY will get you 15% off!
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Lettered Life is all about hand-lettering!  From personalized stationery and custom address stamps to inspirational canvases and prints, the shop has a variety of items that are hand-lettered in my home studio.
Price Range: $10 - $50
Discount: OHSWEETJOY will get you 10% off!
Links Shop //  Instagram // Facebook

The Recipe for Crazy shop offers original designs of inspiring prints, cards and digital resources to fill your home or to gift to others for a little encouragement or just a little happy. Personalized Christmas cards are back in the shop for the holiday season with new items coming soon!
Price Range: $5 - $100
Discount: OHSWEETJOY will get you 25% off!
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Stately Made was born of a love of good design, pretty paper, and my home - the good ole South. Through whimsical hand lettered prints, cards, and goods, it aims to bring smiles and an appreciation for the culture that makes each state and region of this great nation just that -- great! 
Price Range: $2 - $15
Discount: OHSWEETJOY will get you Free Shipping!
Links Shop //  Instagram // Pinterest

Whitney Rae Paper is all about making things pretty. Whether that be your home, your mail, or your workplace. My products which include cards, prints, address stamps, calendars, and much more would make great gifts for family, friends and coworkers.
Price Range: $3.50 - $30
Discount: OHSWEETJOY20 will get you 20% off!
Links Shop //  Instagram // Twitter

That's a wrap for the Paper Category! Come see us tomorrow for the Jewelry category.



  1. Thanks for showing this great selection, purchased a few! Great deals from talented shops.
    {big yellow dog links aren't working but I googled and found it, getting a doggie tote!}

    1. oh that's awesome! thanks for letting me know - i'll check on those links :)

  2. Hey kim, great line up. :) thanks to you I'm starting my Christmas shopping early for me this year. :) heads up the Whitney Rae paper discount code does not work.

    1. she just updated it to OHSWEETJOY20 for 20% off - sorry about that! xo


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