Wednesday, November 20, 2013

just poppin' in for a few things

I feel like I'm still recovering from the goodness and chaos of last week. With the gift guide, launching the holiday line, and just everyday chaos of being a mom/wife/business owner - I kind of feel like I'm in a daze. It's been quiet this week, so apologies for that. I did want to pop in and let you know/remind you of a few things.

1. Don't forget to enter the amazing giveaway if you haven't already. You seriously don't want to miss your chance at this. 
2. I'm working on a sample sale for some reduced prices on a  few headbands that were used for photoshoots, headbands that we didn't go through with using because the fabrics weren't cohesive with a collection, and miscellaneous headbands made from fabric I wanted to remove from my stash. Here's where you come in - would you rather buy directly from my shop or have me do an instagram sample sale? 
3. The wire headbands will be launched by the end of this week! I love how they turned out and I'm excited to offer this after so many beloved customers requested them over the years. There is a sneak peek in the shop if you want to take a look at the ((16!)) fabrics and pick which one(s) you want :)
4. Save the Date locals! I'm hosting a holiday event at Madewell on December 3rd. Please let me know if you'd like to be on the invite list and I'll send it along! We'll be crafting, sipping and eating holiday treats, and I'll be sharing my go-to Holiday looks.
5. The Gift Guide is wrapped up, but there are still amazing discount codes valid! Most of them are OHSWEETJOY, which will get you miscellaneous discounts across the board - including 10% off in my shop! There are still a few headbands left in the holiday collection and once they're gone, that's it. 
Thankful for y'all. You're the best.



  1. Let's do the sale online! No more IG stuff. Haha. xoxo

  2. maybe you should do a grab bag type thing. discount them (like $8.00 or something) but we don't know what we'll get. so it's kind of a surprise instead! :)


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