Tuesday, December 17, 2013

a sentiment or two

This time, last year, I had a five-ish month baby bump and was still nauseous for a few hours every day. The house was decorated all cute and festively, and I remember just sitting by the fireplace and being amazed at the gift of life that was in my belly. We didn't know if it was a boy or a girl yet and we certainly couldn't fathom the amount of joy that this little boy would bring to our lives. 

This time, next week, we'll be arriving in Texas with this 8 month old boy of ours, who was so anxiously awaited last Christmas. He has so many that love him as much as we do in Texas. It's such a gift and we are so blessed by that. 

Yet, I get upset often that we are not in the same state as our family. It's frustrating that I can't just drop Knox off with his grandparents so we can go out for a date night  It's sometimes heartbreaking to watch him grow so fast and feel that I'm depriving my family of watching that first-hand, as well ((but thank goodness for FaceTime!)).

It seems unfair a lot of times - God and I have some heated discussions about it often ((or maybe it's just me throwing a fit and He pretty much just rubs my back and says, "It's okay.  Hang in there. It's for my Glory.")) - but I know that when we do get to spend time with family that I soak up every second. It makes us more intentional with our time and we cram as many good meals, laughs, and stories as we can into that short amount of time. It's never enough…but I know I'm blessed to get to spend my favorite holiday with ones that I love SO much. I'm blessed to get to share the joy of this boy's smile and giggles with family that love us so much….and then we get to "detox" the following week when he wants to be held constantly and is having withdrawals from all the attention not being on him ;)

(( jeans (similar) , necklace - anthropologie
peplum top - ℅ riffraff ))

This post has no point, other than to share I'm just feeling really blessed. I have a husband who loves me and a baby boy I'm pretty sure loves me too - as long as I'm not wiping his nose or feeding him green beans. I have a God who gently comforts me when I forget to "count the cost" or "consider it pure joy." He is good and I can't lose sight of that, especially in this holiday season. 



  1. Thanks for sharing your heart through your business and this blog. It's always uplifting and encouraging.

  2. I love this...and can relate completely. I am 5 hours away from family....even though I can probably visit more than you...it is still hard with them just not being right around the corner. BUT---when we did get together..I am so with you--it is all about cramming it all in! lol. Glad you are feeling blessed! :)

  3. I definitely struggle with this...we're church planting and in the process of landing here, we looked at a location that was 2 hours from my family instead of 9. As we expect baby #3 just a few weeks after Christmas, I'm trying to be thankful of how blessed we are and not frustrated that I won't be sitting with my parents and siblings on Christmas morning. It's been a good season...remembering that Jesus is enough even when I'm feeling bratty=)

  4. love these pics and love seeing your little man!! it upsets me that we don't have family nearby either... :( they are missing out on so much of his childhood, SO SAD!! :( but it makes the times that we do go visit them or when they visit us, so much more special!! happy holidays to you and your fam!!

    Sandy a la Mode

  5. The post resonated with me a lot because I have a 8 month old boy and we don't live near grandparents either. I have the same feelings as you about it all. Hopefully we will be moving back from Maine to Illinois this spring so his grandparents won't miss the everyday anymore!


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