Monday, December 30, 2013

An Oh, Sweet Joy! Year in Review

In January, my baby Knox bump was growing and I tried to channel my inner Tami Taylor.  I was beginning the nesting phase and nursery planning a bit. 

In February, I launched the Colette headband, taught my first Influence e-class and shared a couple of my favorite DIY projects ((marquee light &  floral pocket tee))

In March, I celebrated my 26th birthday, had a maternity photoshoot, and struggled with being good enough.

In April, we welcomed our adorable baby boy into the world. The rest is a blur, but I got a lesson from the homeless and encouraged bloggers/small business owners to make the most of their advertising dollars.

In May, I had many sleepless nights and pretty much spent my days melting into a pile of goo. We also took a quick trip to my favorite place. 

In June, I co-hosted a poshparty and forgot to recap it. Wooopsies. We also took Knox to Texas and it was awesome.

In July, I went to a jammin' party with some blogger friends, I begged fellow bloggers to change their focuses, and was interviewed for American Blogger. That was crazy. 

In August, I did important things like ombre my hair and wore a pretty dress. I also added soft headbands to my shop after endless requests from my customers. 

In September,  we went to Fayetteville, I shared my favorite beverage and taught a workshop and met amazing ladies at the Influence conference ((and can I admit I'm still processing and haven't posted about it?)). I also dealt with some piles in my heart and felt some heavy attack from the enemy ((hello Boulder flood. I didn't forget about your chaos)). 

In October, I found lots of copycat shops, went to the pumpkin patch with my little family of three, and wore this shirt way too many times. 

In November, I hosted the Handmade Holidays Gift Guide, launched my Holiday collection AND the new wire headbands. 

This month has been crazy busy with the madewell event, finishing up the holiday rush of orders, counting my blessings and soaking up time with Knox and Chase. 

This year has also entailed hiring two assistants, a record number of sales for us, and big dreams for 2014.  I've worked an occasional merchandising job on Pearl street, have had to find our new normal over and over, and have been digging into discipleship. I have nursed Knox in the most obscure places and did a 21 day crazy pants diet ((no sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, artificial sweeteners, or booze)).  I've never been so sleep deprived or exhausted…but my heart has also never been so full. 

Thanks for the ride, 2013. I'm comin' for ya, 2014.



  1. looks like you had an amazing year, girl!!! :)

    Sandy a la Mode

  2. such a year full of love and joy! happy new year sweet family…

    p.s. please take a look over at my blog, Iam hosting a sweet headband giveaway :)

    see you here next year


  3. Sounds like this year was full of blessings. Wish you the best in 2014!

  4. Sounds like a busy - & great! - year. Happy 2014 to you & your fam!


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