Thursday, December 12, 2013


1. The only Christmas decorations we have up are our Christmas-y chalkboards and a santa hat/beard on Moose the Deer. We will be in Texas the week of Christmas and Knox rolls around too much to risk setting up a tree. I also just haven't had time in the midst of headband craziness. However, I have been taking some time every day to sing some "Christmas songs" while picking on the guitar - something I haven't done in years it seems. It's been a sweet time of pause and worship -- not to mention, Knox loves it. Maybe some Christmas decor will go up soon. 

2. This time of year, I always want to learn to crochet or knit. It just seems like the coziest of activities, but I'm more of an instant gratification kinda gal. 

3. I was sick earlier this week and didn't drink coffee for two days. It tastes so much sweeter ((but maybe that's just my peppermint latte creamer)) and sipping it slowly before my day gets crazy is one of my favorite parts of the day. 

4. No outfit posts have popped up here recently because I haven't been putting myself as a priority - which means two showers max, per week. Gross. ((plus it's so cold!))

5. Chase dropped off all the outstanding headband orders at the post office for me this morning. I can't believe how big of a relief that is. Apparently, I don't know how to really take a break because I took on 15 scarf orders. ;)  



  1. I love it! I currently need a shower BAD too :) I'm trying to learn to rest as well. But its not going so good. Who starts a biz at Christmas time!? Crazy Craft Lovers :) XO, Erica

  2. Showers aren't happening as often around here as i would like!! Too much to do too little time.

  3. Ha, love the confessions! SAME. HERE. on showers in the wintertime! It's just too cold!!!

  4. Shameless plug here, but IF you're looking for a really easy (I promise!) knitting project, I have a few simple patterns up in my shop: And they don't break the bank either, which is the best part! :)
    Happy holidays!

    1. does it explain how to use needles and casting on and all that jazz?

  5. Did you make the peppermint latte creamer? If so could you share the recipe?!

  6. Did you make the peppermint latte creamer? If so could you share the recipe?!

  7. I hope you get some rest in the coming week! and continue to pause and worship in this chaotic season. Coffee is one my favorite parts of my day too :-)


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