Friday, December 13, 2013

gift giving with fligoo

Sometimes, no matter how well you know someone, coming up with a fun gift for them is a challenge. Enter Fligoo. I logged into fligoo, typed in Chase's name ((you log in via Facebook and can select any of your friends with upcoming birthdays - or anyone for that matter)),  selected my budget and it came up with a ton of gift ideas. 

Once I found something I thought he'd love, I clicked "go for it" and it took me to the vendor's website. I ordered from there and it was SO easy. ((a bullet bottle opener? done. i also bought one for my brother))

You can also create a wish list, so that your friends and family don't have to stalk your pinterest boards to find what you want for a gift. 

Fligoo is free and you can sign up here! Happy shopping :) 



  1. Thanks so much Kim! I'm so gonna try this out. I try all ur post out! LOVE YA and ur creation! U guys are so funny and pretty! U just lead my life and tell me which path to take! LOVE U! KEEP POSTING BLOG!!! BYE!

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