Friday, December 6, 2013

caprese salad - two ways

One of my favorite things in the whole world to eat is caprese salad. It's fresh, light (when you don't the whole platter), and is just incredibly delicious. If you order caprese at a restaurant, you will likely get large slices of tomatoes and a significant chunk of mozzarella, topped with basil and some balsamic. 

Here are two fuss-free ways that I love serving ((and consuming)) caprese. 

Mini Caprese-on-a-Stick Appetizers
You can either buy a tub of tiny mozzarella balls, some cherry tomatoes, and chiffonade some basil or you can go to the olive and appetizer station at Whole Foods and get it by the pound. ((Hint: get the same amount of tomatoes and mozzarella balls!)) Put a toothpick through one of each and throw 'em on a plate. I like to serve this with a side of balsamic dressing or drizzle some balsamic vinegar on top right before guests arrive. 

Caprese Grilled Cheese:
I have a special place in my heart for Grilled Cheese sandwiches. Yes, Grilled Cheese deserves capital letters. I may even do a series of my favorite fancy Grilled Cheese sandwich recipes ((jalepeno popper anyone?)) soon. They are the perfect comfort food and this recipe combines this American staple with my beloved caprese salad. 

Here's what You'll Need:
-Sliced mozzarella ((I got this from the meat & cheese counter at Whole Foods and she sliced it for me as thick or thin as I needed it for easy melting))
-Sliced tomatoes
-Pre-made Pesto from the prepared foods aisle at Whole Foods ((because I do not want to bust out my food processor to make my own))
-Bread and Butter

1. Butter your non-stick skillet and spread pesto on one side of the bread while it is melting. 
2. Add tomatoes and then place mozzarella on top, placing other piece of bread on top.
3. Add to skillet on low-medium heat so that the bread browns evenly and the cheese melts slowly.
4. Enjoy and you can even serve one of the above mini caprese-on-a-stick appetizers on top if you're in a cutesy mood. Chase loved it. ((you can also serve this with a side of balsamic dressing))

So, there you have it. Two more ways to enjoy one of the most delicious appetizers out there.  Each would be perfect for a holiday party ((cut the grilled cheese into quarters)) and they're each so quick to make!


This post is sponsored by Whole Foods because I am a part of their Whole Foods Ambassador Blogger Program. I was not compensated for this post, but did receive most of the  items free of charge. Consider yourself disclosed ;) 


  1. Since being diagnosed with a severe food allergy to cow's milk, one of the foods I miss the most is fresh mozzarella cheese. I loved caprese salads. Your appetizer sticks are adorable and the grilled sandwich is GENIUS. YUM!

    1. have you ever tried dairy free mozz? when we were on our dairy, sugar, soy, EVERYTHING free diet we had some and it wasn't too bad!

  2. I love caprese grilled cheese! I tried it this summer and fell in love. Instead of pesto, I spread mayo mixed with balsamic vinegar. It's sooo yummy.

  3. I was about to say, "Hey I just saw this on pinterest and repinned it!" Then I remembered I followed you haha

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