Thursday, February 27, 2014

Bonus ((Outfit Schmoutfit)) + a Giveaway!

I've got a bonus outfit schmoutfit post and a fun giveaway at the end for y'all today! We had a spurt of warm-ish days last week and I had fun playing around with color if you can't tell. I love how the mint and the orange contrasted, yet complemented each other. Top it all off with a new boho wire wrap/headband from our upcoming spring collection and a gorgeous statement necklace and BADDABING, Spring in an outfit. 

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Monday, February 24, 2014

((outfit schmoutfit)) florals and pleats

I just can't get spring out of my mind. I'm drawn towards so many bright colors and florals this time of year - I think it's my body coping with the threat of snow and the frigid wind. 

Needless to say, when the slightest bit of warmth comes to play, I'm ready with a skirt and some pasty white bare legs. Oh, and also a hand on my hip. Duh. I love the versatility of this floral tunic because I can wear it with some skinnies but can also  tuck it into high waisted skirts. It's super feminine and the colors are perfection…and speaking of florals - this floral kimono is calling my name as well!

I know that's more than enough photos of me for one outfit post, but here's another for the outfit breakdown. I'm totally putting out the vibe in this one. Happy Monday, y'all. 

Oxford Wedges - Kohl's a couple years ago ((similar here))


Tuesday, February 18, 2014

((outfit schmoutfit)) spring tease

The trees are still bare, grass is nowhere to be seen, the robins haven't been heard from and the warm weather will probably be shoo-ed away by the snow a few more times, but I will take ALL the spring-like warmth I can get. Sunny and 60? Don't mind if I do. I also don't mind wearing my favorite combination of skinny jeans, a tank top, and a statement necklace. Make that statement necklace super colorful and fun? I'm all in.

This top from Riffraff had the potential to be super unflattering, but I love how flowy it is and am glad I got it in black, as well. It's perfect paired with a slim jean and would also be fun with a printed pencil skirt. ((don't forget you can get 10% off at Riffraff with the code ohsweetjoy)) I'm going to be embarrassed later that I posted these photos of my raggedy hair. That's what headbands are for, right? 

Vest - Free People ((few years old, similar here))
Jeans - Levi's 
Headband - Oh, Sweet Joy! ((pre-order now!))
Lip Color ((vivid rose))


Monday, February 17, 2014

Lace Headband Pre-Orders

Hey gals! Happy Monday. 

I've received countless emails over the past few months about lace headbands. They were the first to sell out from the Holiday collection and any time I restocked, they literally (okay, figuratively) flew out of the shop. 

I've opened pre-orders for four colors of lace headbands. I don't expect them to last more than a couple days, so if you've wanted one, hop to it. Discount codes don't apply to pre-orders. You can purchase and find more info here

Thanks, as always, for your endless support of my little shop!


Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Heart Tee - or Tank - Tutorial

It's been a while since we got crafty in this space, hasn't it? Well, I made this last night and thought I'd share really quickly so y'all can make one for Valentine's day! I chose gold glitter so it could be worn year around, but any color would be fun. Show your team spirit, make it seasonal or just use your favorite color. I'm thinking white on a black tee would be really awesome. 

What you'll need:
Light brown fabric paint
Glitter fabric paint
Paint brush
Freezer paper

Step 1:
Fold a square of freezer paper in half and draw half of a circle.

Step 2:
Cut it out and even anything out that you need with scissors or exacto knife. You will keep the square with a heart cut out and throw away the heart portion.

Step 3: 
Center on shirt and iron (wax/shiny side down!). Press firmly to make sure edges of the heart are ironed down all the way.

Step 4: 
Place a piece of cardboard in between the front and back of shirt. Paint one layer of brown and two layers of gold glitter, letting dry in between. The brown lets it look more opaque without having to do layer upon layer upon layer of glitter, which may keep it from drying. If you're doing a solid color, two coats should do it!

Step 5: 
When dry, gently peel off paper and wear proudly!

This can be done in any color, with or without glitter. 
Use a hairdryer to speed up drying process. 
Don't forget to put a thick layer of cardboard or newspaper in between your shirt!
Hand wash and lay flat to dry for best results. 


Tuesday, February 11, 2014

join me next tuesday!

If you're a blogger wanting to know the ins and outs of working with brands, you should sign up for my next Influence Network class! I'd love to have you and there will be leaving PLENTY of time for questions. It's only $10 and you can sign up here.  See you there! 


Monday, February 10, 2014

a bouquet of roses for you

I had the privilege of coming home with a bouquet of fresh roses from Whole Foods the other day. I usually come home with tulips, peonies, or daisies -- so it was a nice change up and I love how they look in my aqua ball jar! 

Did you know that there is such a thing as Whole Trade?  Whole Foods Market Whole Trade roses meet specific criteria including:
  • Meeting product Quality Standards
  • Providing more money to producers
  • Ensuring better wages and working conditions for workers
  • Care for the environment
  • Donating 1% of sales to the Whole Planet Foundation

Those are some great reasons to buy your roses ((or nudge your man to get them)) at Whole Foods.  Plus, they're way more affordable there!

Today, Whole Foods is giving one Oh, Sweet Joy! reader a dozen roses ((awarded as a $25 Whole Foods gift card)). Basically, Whole Foods wants to be your Valentine. To enter, just leave a comment and tell me your favorite Valentine's candy ((hello, heart shaped sweet tarts!)). The winner will be chosen later this week. 

Need some more Valentine's Day inspiration? Here you go :)

This post is sponsored by Whole Foods because I am a part of their Whole Foods Ambassador Blogger Program. I was not compensated for this post, but did receive a few items free of charge. Consider yourself disclosed ;) 

Friday, February 7, 2014

new things and a contest

Truth be told, this little space has just been neglected recently! Anytime I have free time ((read: nap time)), I either need to fill orders or do things around the house. Once Knox goes to sleep, I either want to go work out and/or just spend time with Chase.  Don't write me off, just yet. 

This morning, my free time consisted of taking Knox to the studio and coming up with a few new headband designs. Here is on of them…it still needs to be tweaked a bit!

Speaking of headbands, if you are on instagram and have an OSJ headband, you can post a photo of you with it, hashtag it with #ohsweetjoy and you can be entered to win a $25 store credit! Hop to it, I'd love to see how you style it :)  Here are some of the entries so far. Someone needs to charge their phone!

Have a great weekend, y'all!


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

radiant orchid finds

What I love about this year's Pantone Color of the Year is that it's a hue that looks great on almost all women, no matter the skin tone. Here are a few of my favorite radiant orchid finds!

Other than the necklace on the bottom right, I don't have a ton of this color in my wardrobe, but am excited to bring more of it into my spring wardrobe in fun accessories. How have you incorporated the color of the year into your 2014?