Thursday, February 13, 2014

DIY Heart Tee - or Tank - Tutorial

It's been a while since we got crafty in this space, hasn't it? Well, I made this last night and thought I'd share really quickly so y'all can make one for Valentine's day! I chose gold glitter so it could be worn year around, but any color would be fun. Show your team spirit, make it seasonal or just use your favorite color. I'm thinking white on a black tee would be really awesome. 

What you'll need:
Light brown fabric paint
Glitter fabric paint
Paint brush
Freezer paper

Step 1:
Fold a square of freezer paper in half and draw half of a circle.

Step 2:
Cut it out and even anything out that you need with scissors or exacto knife. You will keep the square with a heart cut out and throw away the heart portion.

Step 3: 
Center on shirt and iron (wax/shiny side down!). Press firmly to make sure edges of the heart are ironed down all the way.

Step 4: 
Place a piece of cardboard in between the front and back of shirt. Paint one layer of brown and two layers of gold glitter, letting dry in between. The brown lets it look more opaque without having to do layer upon layer upon layer of glitter, which may keep it from drying. If you're doing a solid color, two coats should do it!

Step 5: 
When dry, gently peel off paper and wear proudly!

This can be done in any color, with or without glitter. 
Use a hairdryer to speed up drying process. 
Don't forget to put a thick layer of cardboard or newspaper in between your shirt!
Hand wash and lay flat to dry for best results. 



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