Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Top Picks for Knox

Our little Knox is 11 months old - I can hardly believe almost a year has gone by! He's crawling and babbling and giggling. He is also pushing the limits and getting into trouble..that little rascal. Anywho, I thought I would pop in and tell y'all some of my favorites for Knox these days. 

Letter cardigan from the Wishing Elephant - Our wishing elephant collection is out of control, but my favorite pieces are the letter onesie and the letter cardigan. We have the letter K (duh) in yellow. It's tooooooo adorable. 

Footed PJ's - I seriously can't get enough. I would keep him in footed pj's all the time if people at the grocery store wouldn't look at me like "that mom" who gets dressed and fixes her hair, but doesn't dress her child. I love how soft the sleep & plays are that you just get from target, but right now these dino ones are my fave from Old Navy. I mean one: dino's are awesome and two? They're wearing wayfarers and bow ties. 

Fresh Squeeze Station - I plan on doing a post just for this and baby food making…but it definitely belongs on my "top picks" list!  It has made making baby food a breeze. 

tegu blocks - These babies are well made, visually appealing, magnetic and Knox thinks they're hilarious and entertaining. Our high chair legs are magnetic, so he loves sticking them on their and calling them dada. We got ours at Cedar & Hyde down on Pearl, but if you don't live here you can find them here!

Leather baby shoes from Starry Knight Design - These are the only shoes that stay on Knox's little feet. I've talked about them before, but we really love them. Especially the buffalo ones. I'm going to have to reorder those in a size up! The leather is so soft and you just can't beat the price. 

Farmer's Market Stall - We don't have this and it's for ages 3+ but I had to include it. I love it so much and will keep it on my radar for when Knox gets older and if we move into a bigger space. 

Baby Mum Mum - I know this is random, but Knox LOVES these things. They keep him quiet and entertained for a good 10 minutes and loves that he can feed himself. I prefer to get the veggie ones because they at least have some veggie powder in them…but he is obsessed with the banana ones too. You can get them at Target, Wal Mart or any grocery store in the baby aisle. He has officially traded his puffy snacks for these!



  1. Thanks for sharing, I can't wait to read your post and baby food making. Kamden is three months but I definitely plan to prepare his solid foods. Plus, I've got a TON of breast milk in the freezer to use somehow!

  2. We just recently heard about Tegu blocks and love story behind them!Joseph wants to buy a month just because of what it supports. Really cool! http://www.tegu.com/our-story/


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