Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Easter Service at Boulder Theater

If you are in the Boulder area and are looking for a place to go to church on Easter Sunday, we'd love to have you join us at the Boulder Theater!

Easter is my favorite favorite holiday. The hope that exudes from this day because our Savior raised from the dead overwhelms me. The gospel is presented in it's truest and rawest form. If you've ever wondered what Christianity is really all about and want to visit a church that is true to the Bible and doesn't throw extra jargon or junk in - this is your place. If you're a Christian that doesn't have a church home, but are looking for a solid community - we'd love to have you as well. Come worship Jesus with us - I can also assure you the music will be amazing, too. ;)  No church choirs in robes, just worship led by the Prodigal Pageant ((get a taste here)). No crazy plays or productions, just a ((really amazing)) story about Jesus saving the world told by a guy with a beard, likely wearing plaid. 

So. Join the Well on Sunday for a refreshing Easter service. See you there. 



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