Monday, April 21, 2014

outfit schmoutfit ((crushing on florals + spring))

It took long enough, but the trees started blooming and the grass turned green this week. Spring is HERE! Can we talk about how some trees smell like fruit loops and some smell like...well...trash? It's baffling...but anywho, my street is truly a sight to see with all of the pink and white trees, tulips blooming, and daffodils showing off. I'm in love and I don't care who knows it. 

Necklace: Anthropologie



  1. Thank you! I'm a fan ;) plus, it made an old guy at the grocery store giggle yesterday -!

  2. Your kimono is perfection and just perfect for spring, I am obsessed! Loving the green grass and flowers in the photos, we are almost there here, grass is popping up;)

    1. hang in there! it was literally a span of 3 days and all of a sudden - GREEN!

  3. You were beautiful and inspiiring in amerrican blogger! I am smitten with the way you share your heart, and story with your readers. I have been encouraged to share my heart. I would be honored if you would follow along on my journey blogging my struggle with Huntington’s disease.
    have a blessed day!


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