Monday, April 7, 2014

Anatomy of an Easter Basket

For the Kroger Easter Basket Hop, I created an adorable Easter basket for my little man. 

Something I didn't anticipate getting excited about as a mom, was making an Easter basket. Knox definitely doesn't know anything about Easter - he probably will have no clue as to why we are shoving a giant cake in his face for his birthday this weekend. However, I remember getting so excited about Easter baskets as a little kid, so I wanted to get the party started early on. I didn't do anything involving rabbits, or Easter bunnies rather, but went with a carrot theme ((which I am fully aware that rabbits eat carrots)). Eventually, we will explain to Knox that Easter is about Jesus, our Savior, raising from the dead and saving us from our sins - but for now when all he can say is da da, ma ma, and ah dun (all done) - we will just watch him enjoy some treats. 

Here's the breakdown of a fun Easter basket for a baby boy. We went with his favorite things - colorful toys, food pouches with lots of carrot action, a teething toy since homebody is teething like a mad man at the moment, and some baby mum mums. We also added some candy for mom and dad (reese's pieces for dad and jelly beans for mom). My favorite thing in the basket is the cute little carrot easter eggs! No "easter basket grass" because little man would try to eat it. 

All of this was purchased at King Soopers ((or your local City Market, Tom Thumb, or Kroger chain)) for around $25. You can find all sorts of great Easter basket ideas on their DIY Easter board on Pinterest ((I want to try the DIY washi tape eggs!)). 

What do you put in your kiddos' Easter baskets? I remember it always being a jackpot if I got a kite! :)


I received compensation in Gift Card form for this post as part of the Kroger Easter Basket Hop! Since I try to make things less fussy in my life, I would have purchased Easter basket items at the grocery store anyways since I don't like to make a million stops with a little one in tow. Consider yourself disclosed :)


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