Monday, June 30, 2014

outfit schmoutfit ((flowy & feminine))

This summer, I've worn all the tanks in my shop NON-STOP. I literally just rotate them and wear this combination or this romper in between washings. My favorite so far, has been pairing the kind of edgier charcoal ampersand tank with this flowy coral skirt. I love the contrast and this skirt has been my favorite for years. Paired with one of my own designs? Jackpot. 

Skirt - Free People. Similar/neutral version here
*sold out but you can sign up for restock notify or find similar ones here or same  the exact ones are available here. 
Tank - Oh, Sweet Joy! (four colors available here) 


Friday, June 27, 2014

koozies on brickyard buffalo

Hey y'all! 

Just popping in to let you know that today we're featured on Brickyard Buffalo. Our koozies are available at 25% off and only $2 shipping. It's a win-win. Your drinks will stay cold, you will look cool. You just can't go wrong. ((great for bachelorette parties and get-together favors!)) 

Get yours here! 

And rumor has it our new kale totes will be available in the shop today. Happy Friday to everyone :)


Tuesday, June 24, 2014

lipton iced tea + keurig = love

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and Lipton, but all my opinions are my own. #bemoretea #pmedia

Being from Texas - if there's one thing I know when I taste it, is a good glass of sweet tea.  Growing up, we'd buy it by the jug or make it ourselves. I remember distinctly my mom making "sun tea" in the summertime. This inspired me to make iced tea three ways using my keurig and lipton's new iced tea k-cups. Just brew it over ice and baddabing. Iced tea.

((one: peachy arnold palmer))
half a glass of lipton brewed k-cup iced tea (sweet or unsweet)
half a glass of peach lemonade
garnish with slice of a peach and a cute straw

((two: good old fashioned lemon sweet tea))
brew a glass of lemon sweet tea using your keurig
add a squeeze of lemon and garnish with a lemon slice + a cute straw

((three: minty fresh))
brew a glass of tea using your keurig
muddle some mint in the bottom
garnish with a few mint leaves and a cute straw
*if you brew on top of the mint, it will infuse more mint flavor*

Brewing this iced tea is literally easy as 1-2-3
• FILL: Place a 16-oz. (non-glass) cup under your brewer filled with ice
• BREW: Insert Lipton® Brew Over Ice K-Cup® packs and brew on 6-oz. or 8-oz. setting
• ENJOY: Stir it up and sip away!

Are you a tea drinker? Hot? Cold? Sweet? Unsweet? 

Find more from Lipton on their Facebook and twitter pages!  You can purchase these Lipton K-cups in stores and online at nationwide retailers. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

outfit schmoutift ((printed shorts styled two ways))

One thing I'm loving this summer is a good pair of patterned shorts. They're super comfortable and I'm finding they're more versatile than I initially thought.  I've bought three pairs so far and should probably slow it down or maybe sew some. I'm still scared of rompers, so this has been a perfect solution. I thought I'd show y'all two ways to style them in case you don't want them to be mistaken for pajama shorts ;)

Tie a non-cotton/blouse-like tank or top at the side or let it stay untucked...whatever you fancy. It gives some texture without looking like a t-shirt. Worn here. 

details: shorts, tank, sandals - c/o riffraff ((discount code over on my sidebar!))

Tuck the bottom layer of a two-layered tank into the shorts and let the top layer flow freely. This gives the illusion of a romper without having to take the entire thing off when you have to pee. This digressed quickly, but I promise - it's cute. See? :)

tank - francesca's  ((i bought it in black too! love it))
necklace - old anthro. found here and similar here

BONUS OPTION: Chambray top with sleeves rolled up and booties. 
ANOTHER BONUS OPTION: graphic tank, sandals, headband ((shown here)) 


Sunday, June 15, 2014

sponsor highlight + giveaway ((featuring minmac))

If you haven't already, will you please vote for me here? One click is all it takes and you can be entered to win a pair of shoes if you vote! You can also get an extra entry in today's giveaway by doing so :)


It's been a while since we've had a giveaway,  huh? Today, I'm pleased to introduce you to Minmac, an etsy shop that sells fun jewelry that is so easy to style and add a bit of color to your outfit with. 

From Mindy:
My shop is called Minmac because my name is Mindy McCarthy and it often gets shortened to Min Mac. I started making and selling  earrings on Instagram in October of 2013. By mid-November I had transitioned into a cozy corner on Etsy. I am a mom who believes in wearing cute jewelry even if you don't make it out of your pajamas during the day! My favorite part about having a shop is connecting with people all over the world. It's like a little taste of Heaven :)
link love:

discount code:
ohsweetjoy for 15% off

giveaway item:
((necklace + earring combo))


Monday, June 9, 2014

outfit schmoutfit and helping a blogger out

Ah, spring. When bohemian, flowy layers feel more appropriate ((and less frigid)) and toes come out to party. Where wedges aren't a liability because slipping on ice just won't happen. Where you can wear your shorts during the day but the evening chill calls for some jeans if you're going to be out and about. In Boulder, we get a few extra weeks of Spring when a lot of others are in full "summer swing" this time of year. I don't mind one bit. 

Do you ever start backwards with an outfit? You see a pair of shoes and you say, "I'm wearing those today" and base your outfit off of shoes? That's exactly what I did with these Jambu Glamour Wedges. The pop of color was calling my name. I honestly had never heard of Jambu shoes before, but there are a lot of fun wedge options! 

Outfit Details:
Kimono - I made it! ((I'm trying to add these to the shop!))
Top - Anthropologie ((years ago))
Jeans - Anthropologie
Watch - Feral Watches

Now here's where I need some help. I was asked by to style these for a contest. I NEVER ask for help and never pleaded for all those "top mom blog" contests and so now, I'm cashing in my favors. Would you mind voting for me? YOU get entered to win a pair of shoes when you vote too - Jackpot - we can be twinsies! Pretty please? and What's in it for me? A gift card -  ain't no shame in me wanting a shopping spree for some women's shoes ((okay, maybe I'll share it with Chase)) ;) We just bought a home, after all. There's no room in the budget for fun sandals and wedges, ha!. Thanks in advance! Vote here! 


Sunday, June 1, 2014

outfit schmoutfit ((perspective and a scalloped dress)

outfit details:
(use code ohsweetjoy for 10% off your purchase)
necklace - anthropologie (old, similar here and here)

Going through the valleys and dark times of life has a way of putting things in perspective. Sometimes it can make everything foggy, but eventually that fog lifts and things become a little more clearer than they were before, somehow.  I can honestly say that even though the last two weeks have been the hardest emotionally, physically, and spiritually I've possibly ever gone through - God has been so gracious to allow me to see so much beauty and feel so much hope and joy. 

I felt like getting back to my normal rhythm might help move things along, as well. 

I didn't feel like I had it in me to post an outfit post, much less take photos for one. This weekend was the first time in a couple of weeks that I actually got dressed and put on make up and put effort into my hair. As vain as it sounds, it helped me feel like myself again. When I got ready for church, I had this inner battle of "just put on some skinnies and one of Chase's white v-necks. put your hair in a top knot and put on decent shoes. throw on a scarf if you want to cover up the fact you're wearing a men's tee." I fought it and decided while Knox was enthralled with Bob the Builder ((benefits of rarely allowing kiddos to watch tv? they're still for over half an hour when you do allow it. win.)), I would actually put normal effort into my appearance. Not for anyone else, but for myself. I needed it.

This may sound dramatic, but this was the first time I felt pretty in weeks. It was the first time I felt like myself in about the same amount of time. It's amazing how a pretty dress and some cute shoes does that for a gal, isn't it?  A dress, y'all. A dress made me feel ready to conquer the day. It sounds stupid, but whatever. A bold coral lip didn't hurt the situation either ;)