Tuesday, June 24, 2014

lipton iced tea + keurig = love

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Being from Texas - if there's one thing I know when I taste it, is a good glass of sweet tea.  Growing up, we'd buy it by the jug or make it ourselves. I remember distinctly my mom making "sun tea" in the summertime. This inspired me to make iced tea three ways using my keurig and lipton's new iced tea k-cups. Just brew it over ice and baddabing. Iced tea.

((one: peachy arnold palmer))
half a glass of lipton brewed k-cup iced tea (sweet or unsweet)
half a glass of peach lemonade
garnish with slice of a peach and a cute straw

((two: good old fashioned lemon sweet tea))
brew a glass of lemon sweet tea using your keurig
add a squeeze of lemon and garnish with a lemon slice + a cute straw

((three: minty fresh))
brew a glass of tea using your keurig
muddle some mint in the bottom
garnish with a few mint leaves and a cute straw
*if you brew on top of the mint, it will infuse more mint flavor*

Brewing this iced tea is literally easy as 1-2-3
• FILL: Place a 16-oz. (non-glass) cup under your brewer filled with ice
• BREW: Insert Lipton® Brew Over Ice K-Cup® packs and brew on 6-oz. or 8-oz. setting
• ENJOY: Stir it up and sip away!

Are you a tea drinker? Hot? Cold? Sweet? Unsweet? 

Find more from Lipton on their Facebook and twitter pages!  You can purchase these Lipton K-cups in stores and online at nationwide retailers. 


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