Monday, June 9, 2014

outfit schmoutfit and helping a blogger out

Ah, spring. When bohemian, flowy layers feel more appropriate ((and less frigid)) and toes come out to party. Where wedges aren't a liability because slipping on ice just won't happen. Where you can wear your shorts during the day but the evening chill calls for some jeans if you're going to be out and about. In Boulder, we get a few extra weeks of Spring when a lot of others are in full "summer swing" this time of year. I don't mind one bit. 

Do you ever start backwards with an outfit? You see a pair of shoes and you say, "I'm wearing those today" and base your outfit off of shoes? That's exactly what I did with these Jambu Glamour Wedges. The pop of color was calling my name. I honestly had never heard of Jambu shoes before, but there are a lot of fun wedge options! 

Outfit Details:
Kimono - I made it! ((I'm trying to add these to the shop!))
Top - Anthropologie ((years ago))
Jeans - Anthropologie
Watch - Feral Watches

Now here's where I need some help. I was asked by to style these for a contest. I NEVER ask for help and never pleaded for all those "top mom blog" contests and so now, I'm cashing in my favors. Would you mind voting for me? YOU get entered to win a pair of shoes when you vote too - Jackpot - we can be twinsies! Pretty please? and What's in it for me? A gift card -  ain't no shame in me wanting a shopping spree for some women's shoes ((okay, maybe I'll share it with Chase)) ;) We just bought a home, after all. There's no room in the budget for fun sandals and wedges, ha!. Thanks in advance! Vote here! 



  1. just voted :)

    Kim, please add the kimonos to your shop. I'll buy a few!!

  2. Just found your blog via the contest - LOVE your style :)

  3. I LOVE that kimono and if you add them to the shop I will be first in line to buy one!

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