Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Fall Vibes

Tee - C/O Riffraff 
((and then I went and bought the ivory one, too, because duh.))
Scarf (similar here) , Denim - Anthropologie 
Watch - Feral watches ((similar & less pricey here))
Booties - Matisse

Honestly, Sundays are one of the few days a week I've been getting *actually* dressed recently. I've been working my rear-end off getting ready for the Fall/Winter collection launch. I'm not aiming at perfection, that's impossible...but I want it to be intentional and put together (not thrown together out of excitement - although that works for me sometimes haha). I want the look-book to be cohesive and well-thought out and attainable for any style/age/size/shape. I'm rambling, y'all. 

Knox usually wakes up early and we play and eat breakfast and Chase leaves for work and we meet up with him at church. I put on a ten minute episode of Bob the Builder so I can try and look decent  put on makeup and do something with my mop hair. Then I let him jump on the bed while I get dressed. I know, mom of the year. TV and dangerous activities. 

Oh, you want a close up of these awesome shoots booties? Well, only if you promise to pretend that my leg doesn't look broken. 


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