Thursday, August 14, 2014

fun friday links

I thought the perfect way to wrap up my week is to link to a few highlights, as well as a few things I'm loving this week on the interwebs. A couple of highlights were 1 - taking an afternoon off of work and playing hooky from emails and headbands and 2 - spending some time playing with watercolors. Not fancy watercolors, but the kind you buy in the kid's school supply aisle. It was so fun and good for my brain to stretch it in another direction...regardless of the outcome. and now? It's link time.  Ready? OKAY.

1. This video made me literally laugh out loud. If you love college football like we do over here in the Davis household, if you went to Texas A&M or just love a ridiculous and spontaneous dance move - watch here

2. These booties have been the MVP of my wardrobe this week. They're just so fun. 

3. Here's a sneak peek// a look into my moodboard for our Fall/Winter line and look book. I'm so used to getting pumped about one product at a time, that I rush into making items available for purchase. I've really been seeking to be intentional about planning a cohesive line, or collection, and praying about it each step of the way. It may take a bit for it all to come together  but the end result will be something I'm proud of and that will all launch at once. I'm pumped about how all the designs are coming together and hope the lookbook turns out the way it looks in my head!

4. We eat a lot of meat around here, but I'm excited to make these meat-less tacos tonight. 

5. ((a flag that waves itself)) This by Rachel on the Influence blog simply nailed it...and by it, I mean the gospel. Well done, friend.

6. Two kick starters to check out - & the boulder food park.

Have a great weekend, y'all!



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