Wednesday, August 6, 2014

((outfit schmoutfit)) summertime simplicity

Something I never noticed until recently is how casual our church is. I grew up wearing dresses every Sunday and jeans were simply not an option. Usually, I wear a pair of skinnies, a fun (or plain) top and sandals. These days, if I wear a dress to church - I usually feel overdressed. However, Chase says I'm usually overdressed (in a good way) nothing new there. I like the casual vibe... it seems less pretentious and hopefully people are more comfortable to come as they are. But because of how I grew up, I definitely understand the dressy dress up Sunday mornings. To each their own ;)

Anywhooooo, I digressed there. Moving on, I'm a big fan of dresses that stand alone and don't need accessories. This subtle tribal print shift is perfectly paired with sandals and arm candy/watch. Sure, in the fall it will be great with a floppy wool hat and some booties ((ooooh, will that be great?!)) , but for now? Simplicity is the name of the game. And now for some awkward photos of me standing in one of my flowerbeds. You can ignore the pile of pulled up weeds, too. I left them for a few days after weeding one day, and now I'm scared of the spiders that are possibly below. What's a girl to do? Kbye.



  1. I noticed the same thing at my church. We are pretty casual, but we are trying to dress up a tiny bit more. I think that it is one way to worship, by putting a extra effort into our outfits. With that being said, I do wear jeans and a plain shirt 99.9% of the time, but I try to wear heels or a nice sweater. I'm usually running around with the kids or playing keyboards on stage-so I do run around a lot on Sundays. Thanks for sharing and I do love this outfit!! You are always so beautiful!
    xoxo Allison

  2. Cute dress!
    I totally used to hate my mom's "no jeans or tshirts" rule for sunday mornings, but now I definitely feel weird wearing jeans in church... even with churches being more casual these days. ...It probably doesn't help that one of the only times out in my week is Sunday mornings, so I feel like I have to wear my nice clothes.haha

  3. This outfit is so lovely! that dress is perfect for summer and suits you so so well :) x
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