Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Favorite Fall Treats

What are your favorite things to enjoy during these weeks of crisp weather and falling leaves? I know most people go to Whole Foods for healthy things, and I do too most of the time - but this time of year I just want Fall-inspired treats. Anything Apple or Pumpkin inspired will do. Just in case you find yourself in the mecca of kale and dansko wearing health nuts, here are a few things you should pick up that may not be what you think of when you think Whole Foods ;)

1. Apple Cinnamon Cookies - These precious little seasonal cookies can be found in the bulk cookie section or pre-packaged. It's a spiced play on a typical sugar cookie. They're by Gianna's which are my favorite cookies to splurge on. They're just so pretty and delicious, to boot.
2.  Autumnal Leaf Cookies - Same as above. I just love the marbled icing :) Take a look at all her seasonal options!
*TIP: package these in cute little glassine bags to leave on friends and neighbor's doorsteps or for those pesky cute little trick-or-treaters. 
3.  Pumpkins - I mean, why not? You can eat them, carve them, paint them, or just put them on your front porch for the squirrels to eat decoration. 
4.  R.W. Knudsen's Cider & Spice - SO good warmed up in your favorite mug while you wind down from a long day. 
5.  Justin's Peanut Butter Cups - Okay, so I devour eat these year round but it's whatever. You can buy them in hopes to hand them out to trick-or-treaters but we all know better ;) Plus, they're local (for me). Hashtag Winning.

Oh, and for the record... don't buy a ton of these treats if you don't have time in the first few days to photograph them for a blog post. Your husband may or may not eat the majority of them. 

BONUS DEAL: all purchases made on the whole foods e-store will be 10% OFF from October 17-29. This is great to order appetizers, desserts, and such for parties!  You just select your store and find what's available in your area. 

So, please please tell me your kryptonite when it comes to Fall treats and eats! Is it a pumpkin spice latte? Butternut squash soup? COOKIES? :)



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